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Lesbian Wedding in Illinois

Civil unions will be legal in Illinois starting the middle of 2011.  My fiancee and I are lost on how do put together a wedding.  We want it to be very romantic and traditional.  We would like some suggestions on how other couples have planned their wedding or commitment ceremonies.  We would also like to hear if gay couples out there have experienced any discrimination or predjudice from any of the vendors.  We would like to go to the vendors who support the gay community.  Thanks!


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    I'll say to you what I just said to the one in Colorado with essentially the same question.  My suggestion would be to ask about vendors on our local wedding board, without limiting them to ones known to be les friendly.  Then call the recommended vendors, and ask them how they feel about working with a same-sex couple.  If they are open to it, great!  If not, you don't have to use them.

    Our experience, and that of most people on this board, is that the vast majority of wedding vendors are in fact open to same-sex weddings.  After all, there is money in it for them.  But if you limit yourself to ones known to be les friendly, you'll rule out many who have just never been asked before, but would be open to it if asked.
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    My wife and I got married last summer in a non-legal ceremony in Michigan. Our ceremony was 100% traditional... it was in a chapel, we both wore wedding gowns, we had bridesmaids and flowers and a reception and cake and family... the whole deal! So yes, of course, we used vendors. 

    In my experience, out yourself immediately. If the vendor isn't comfortable catering to a same-sex couple, it would be considerably less stressful to part ways and find a vendor who is. You may be surprised at how gay-friendly people are, though, even those who do not explicitly advertise for gay weddings. Either way, you really should be up front about what, exactly, the event is... it will make things go much smoother! My wife and I didn't run in to any problems with homophobic vendors at all and we live in a pretty conservative area! :)

    We got our dresses at David's Bridal and the consultants were tickled pink about us being engaged to each other. They had tons of fun helping us pick out coordinating but not matching gowns... Our chapel was booked because it was gay-friendly and then we discovered how beautiful the location was. Our reception site was booked because of the atmosphere and location and services offered... then we discovered a rainbow flag sticker on their door. Our photographer had never done a same-sex wedding before but we kept in constant communication before the event and had everything planned out. This is so crucial with the photographer! I sent her examples of pictures of lesbian weddings and told her exactly what sort of pictures I wanted... basically the same pictures you'd get at any wedding, including sweet cuddly kissy romantic shots. She completely delivered... the pictures were beautiful and intimate. 

    Basically, be honest from the beginning and make sure your exact wishes are known. Don't be a bridezilla, lol, but let them know that you would like the same sort of treatment as any other bride out there.
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    Hi i live in chicago and my partner and i are having our wedding in november. we found a place for the ceremony & reception by just calling and emailing venues to ask if they're gay friendly. but there is a gay wedding expo coming up in March on the 27th from 1pm-4pm at the Holiday Plaza Mart downtown Chicago. Its run by the Hope this helps you and congrats on you and the soon to be mrs.
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