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Xp: honoring our LGBT family and friends

My fiance and I could not be more grateful that we have the privilege and right to have our relationship and commitment to one another legally recognized as a straight couple. As I plan our wedding I am constantly reminded that not all people have this opportunity. We would like to acknowledge/recognize this in some way. We were thinking of having a link on our wedding website where people could make a donation in our honor to an organization working towards marriage equality, in lieu of getting a gift we have registered for.

I am also concidering choosing a poem or passage to read during the ceremony that talks about the subject. We have a dear friend who identifies as a lesbian and I was thinking of asking her to do the reading. I would like for the passage to not just be a political statement but also something that acknowledges love, all types.

Has anyone ever heard if this being done at the ceremony? Thoughts? Ideas for a reading?

Re: Xp: honoring our LGBT family and friends

  • I love the idea of the donation! Try the Human Rights Campaign, which fights toward Marriage Equality. Also look into your local PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays), and donate to them. They provide support to LGBT and their loved ones and require donations to operate.
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