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I am getting married in Halifax May 22, and I was wondering what happens to the centerpieces in the majority of wedding in Canada.  I would really like to save them for my sister wedding, but if it is common to give them away I don't want to upset people.  Only one of the 10 or so weddings I have been to has given them away, but all (save the 1 where the centerpiece was given away) were in the States.  

Feedback is greatly appreciated.Smile

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    Ours are fresh flowers, but we are renting the vases and they need to be returned to the florists. I have been to maybe 2 weddings where they had a game of some sort. (ontario)
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    I think it depends on the type of centrepiece you are going to have. I don't think people will think it is weird if you don't give them away.

    I went to a wedding in the fall where the groom hand made all of these beautiful wooden lantern tea light holder things. Those were definitely high in demand and everyone wanted to be the one to take them home. I have also been to weddings where people can take home the centrepieces where it's flowers in a vase etc, and I have been to some that you don't take them home. It's your call :)
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    It's up to you, if you want to pass them on to your sister for her wedding just inform your venue you want them to be kept and you will pick them up or have someone pick them up
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    I don't think people should be offended if you don't give the centrepieces away, but I wouldn't count on ALL of them being intact after the wedding. Some people may assume that they're available for taking. (Rude, yes, but it might happen.)

    Usually if they are to be given away, there's some sort of game led by the MC or DJ. If you don't have one of these games, hopefully people will leave them alone. (Especially if you're in a situation like Preppy's where people CAN'T take them...)

    That being said, I'm in Toronto and most weddings I've attended have given away the CPs but I think this is kind of regional. I know a lot of the American knotties are kind of surprised when they hear about CPs being given away or people assuming they can take them.

    PS. You're getting married on my birthday! Yay!
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    I have only been to 3 weddings in my short life, but only one of those weddings gave away the centre pieces. The centre pieces at my wedding are owned by the hotel, so we aren't giving them away.
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    I've been to one wedding where the MC just let everyone know that the vases were available for anyone to take.
    Most weddings I've been to the centerpieces are rented so you can't take them, they have to be returned.
    We are doing easels with pictures, so we will announce that people can take one if they wish.
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    Thanks everyone. Ringpop that is so cool about your birthday being the same date as my wedding. My brother's is the Saturday after and that is why we moved it to the long weekend.
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    Most weddings I've been too you can take them and there is usually a game involved.
    I'm renting my CP so we're thinking of maybe putting a picture of us on each table (we're doing pictures as aisle markers so we would use those) and if someone wants to take those home they can.  Most people keep them for a month and throw them away anyway so if you can reuse them I recommend you do!  PLUS it will save your sister a ton of money!
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