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Hi everyone!
I'm a Florida girl thinking about getting married at the National Gallery of Canada. Has anyone ever been to/had a wedding there? Was it super expensive? I'd love to know people's thoughts on this venue.

Thanks in advance!!!
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    Never been to a wedding there but here's the link for more info on it.  Hope it helps:)

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    Actually the company I work for does security there. It is BEAUTIFUL when it is set up for a wedding. I don't know what the cost would be for it but I know it would look amazing.

    Also if you are looking for a museum in Ottawa, my personal favourite is the museum of nature. I'm not sure what you are looking for or  how many people you want, but it is all newly renovated and in a castle(Perfect for a bride who wants the princess theme) I have attached the link just in case.

    Also what makes you want to come to Ottawa for your wedding? I have been to the gallery many times if you have any questions.
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    Thank you both so much for the info!

    I've been to Ottawa several times now (it's my fiance's hometown) and i've never heard about the Museum of nature, but it will be for sure on my list of things to do next time i'm there! What a beautiful place!

    The reason why we are considering having the wedding at the National Gallery is because it's pretty special to both of us. The first time I flew up to Canada to meet Scott's parents I was studying art history in college. He surprised me by bringing me to the gallery, so I could have a real life look at the art-work i was studying in class. It was one of those "ah-hah!" moments when i really knew that I had found someone special!
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    With that back story you should have it there! It is beautiful place and they have events there all the time so they know what they are doing! and with you having a connection to the place it makes it that much more special.

    Good Luck!

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    Ahhh, I love the gallery! I went to a ball there when I was in high school and the venue is just so insanely amazing!

    I've also been to the Museum of Civilization for a wedding and that was pretty spectacular too!
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