Wedding Planner or DIY in Canmore, AB

My fiance and I are planning on getting married in Canmore, Alberta.  We are both from Montana and are wondering are their any great wedding planners in Canmore or do you think we could do it cheaper on our own?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Wedding Planner or DIY in Canmore, AB

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    I would check in the Canada - Alberta local board. They would be able to help you some more.

    Good luck!
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    I wouldn't know specifically for that area.. but depending on what you are wanting for your wedding you may be able to do it cheaper on your own. Ask around the Alberta board and maybe make some calls to Canmore to find out.
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    You can DIY for the most part the trickiest part is going to be finding the right venue for you. Your best off to get a initial consult which will be about $200-$400 after that the rest is easy there really only is one bakery and one flower shop and one of each thing you need so all these places have mini monopoly's going on so whereever you can save some money do it.
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