PSA: Ladies Room and your Dress

A knottie just posted this on the October 2009 board and I think is worth sharing it for two reasons: a) It's funny and most importantly, b) it's the answer to the question we all have thought about of but nobody dares to ask!So here it is:Because this seems to be a topic that has several people hitting the panic button, here is how to pee while wearing your wedding dress:On arrival at your venue Open the door of the ladies' room and look in. If the floor is not clean, call the venue staff and ask to have it cleaned. If the floor is clean, walk into the ladies' room and open the door of the handicapped stall. If the floor of the handicapped stall is not clean, call the venue staff and ask to have it cleaned.This ensures that you will not later get the train/back of the dress dirty just by having it touch the floor.When you need to go Walk into the handicapped stall. Remove (don't just pull down) your underpants. Facing the toilet, pull up the front of your dress to your waist. Walk straight forward, so you are straddling the toilet, and sit down that way. The train/back of your dress will now be away from the toilet, so you won't get them wet or dirty. Lean forward before peeing. That way, even if you drop the front of the dress onto the seat, you will not pee in its direction. You may not resume your panic about all the other topics for your wedding day.

Re: PSA: Ladies Room and your Dress

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    This is what I did (the peeing backwards part), although I must say, with the corset dress, sometimes it was a bit difficult to lean down far enough to get the underpants back on!
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Hee, awesome.  Thanks!
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    I wish someone posted that last October when I was getting married.
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  • sarah-bellasarah-bella member
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    i had to help my bff pee on her wedding day.  the bottom of her dress was so poofy i had to wipe for her too since she couldn't get her arm down there.  now that's a friend!I wore a spanx with a hold in the gusset with thigh high stockings (they were all sexy with the line going up the back).  i was able to hike up my dress and sit normally, and was able to do it without help!  my bff was all 'but i have to repay you!' and i was all 'neener neener i can pee by myself!'
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    Wow Sarah- Bella....  "so poofy i had to wipe for her too since she couldn't get her arm down there"This year's Unconditonal BFF award goes to you, hands down!!!   Your friend is lucky!
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    Wow. Congrats to your friend for having you!! Makes me really glad that my maid of honor is my mom. She's seen it all before lol! But as for the original post. Thank you. I have not yet chosen a dress, and I don't think I'll be having too many problems, but never know what I'll fall in love with. Great Advice!
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