I got one quote from a girl with a super cute boutique. I love her! She knows our venue and I totally trust that she will make exactly what I want. Her price was within our budget but on the high side of what we wanted to spend.The other quote is from a lady who was reccomended by a friend.  She works out of her house, has never been to our venue and we didn't click the same way, though I'm sure her flowers will be good, the only upside is she came in at about $1000 less than the first girl!  What are you spending on flowers? And do I go with the girl I trust and spend the money or save the cash and not be entirely sure what I'm getting?I'm totally torn!

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    Why don't you ask the cheaper person for a trial of your bouquet and centerpiece?  That way you will know in advance, as long as you don't ming spending the money on the trial. That's what I would do, or I might just go with the cheaper one because $1000 is a lot of money.
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    I would ask your friend who recommended the cheaper florist to show you picture of what they did for her.  If you like it, then that is $1000 saved.You could also try and get the girl you really like to lower her price.  There is no harm in trying.Once you have done all that, if you still can't decide, flip a coin.  If you are happy with what comes up, go with that.  If you start saying "two-out-of-three,"  the answer is the other one.
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    The other thing to consider is how important are the flowers to you and your FI? We didn't really care. So we chose to not do flower centre pieces. Because flowers weren't a priority, I didn't give a lot of specificiations to the florist. When I was getting quotes, one asked me if that meant she could do whatever she wanted as long as it fit the few ideas I had (smaller, yellow, maybe roses). I said yes, as long as it was in season, and preferably locally grown. She dropped $150 off my price then and there because a) she got to be creative which is good for her portfolio too, and b) I wasn't making a lot of demands, so they didn't have to order in anything specifically for my wedding. If flowers are incredibly important to you and you want to know exactly what you are getting, go with the more expensive boutique. If you are less concerned, save $1000. Or  go get more quotes and see if you can find something you really like that is less expensive.
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    Thanks for the tips! I might ask to see a trial of the cheaper one. Otherwise, I may go back to the girl I really like and see what I have to do to get the price.  What would planning a wedding be without compromises!
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    UPDATE:  Thanks to all your advice we went back to the florist I loved, even though she was more expensive and worked out a way to bring down the price. I didn't have to compromise everything and now I'm totally relaxed knowing I'll have the flowers I want! 
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    Hi  Ladies, I am trying to work out a flower budget and really have absolutely no clue what is considered 'normal' or 'cheap' for flowers.

    I need to get 5 bouquets, 7 boutonnieres, 2 flower baskets or wreaths, some head table decorations, about 12 centrepieces, and 2 corsages. I am not overly picky about what flowers are used, as long as they match our wedding colours and are in season.

    I've been researching a few places but would really love to know what I can expect to pay for all of the stuff I listed.

    JessS55, can you recommend your florist?

    Thank you all!
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