Terrible experience with guest favors - be careful!

I was recently married 9 days ago, and had issues with I had a horrible experience with a company called 'Now and Forever'. My take home message is to be careful, and maybe not even order from this company. I went though a lot of stress and a few nights of not sleeping because of now and forever. The website is as follows: I am a bride who has been coordinating a wedding between 3 cities. I had to unexpectedly move to montreal for work, my wedding party was from toronto, and the wedding was in Stoney Creek, ontario. I had ordered the cute looking fortune cookies with our names and wedding date printed as the fortunes. I had searched for weeks for the proper box size (the cookies were rather large). As well, I ordered the cookies from this company a month before the wedding (online our receipt had told us we should have recieved our favors on september 4th). My experience with this company was awful. We kept calling to find out the status of our favors- and they kept putting us on hold, telling us they would call us back. . . . and refused to give us the UPS tracking number of our package. I am a physican training to specialize in emergency medicine - so I work 90+ hour work weeks, and spend my off time studying for bimonthly exams. . so this was really stressful for us. What was worse, is that the week prior to our wedding, the company kept being unprofessional, diverting our calls etc. Friday before the wedding, we called over 4 times, and were told that a staff member would call us back regarding things. They returned our call after 5 pm, proclaiming that they could not do anything about our favors not being produced yet because the shipping department and all superior staff had already gone home for the weekend. I was absoutely furious, and rushed around frantically trying to find new favors. What is even worse- they called us back around 2 hours later - saying they had made a mistake and that they had already shipped out our favors. They then explained that UPS had already tried to deliver the package without any success. . .. .and that our package was at a UPS outlet. When we called the UPS outlet, it was closing in 10 minutes for the entire weekend (our wedding was the coming sunday) - not enough time to get the package in time. What ensued was a nightmare for us. We drove all around trying to find enough packaging and new favors in time. Lucky for me I had spectacular friends, and two fairy godmothers helping me and my groom out. I barely had time to write a speech, and I slept on a few hours before my wedding. I don't know if it was because we were from canada, or whatever the reason was, but this company was incredibly unprofessional, and caused me tons of grief. I hope that I can save you guys from the same stress that I went through!

Re: Terrible experience with guest favors - be careful!

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    I don't think you can vendor bash on these boards, but thanks for the heads-up.
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    That is so frustrating! I am very sorry that you had to go through that.Vendor bashing is as important as vendor praising.  Thank you for letting us all know.
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    Actually the rules about vendor reviews have been changed, so this is allowed. I'll post a more detailed explanation in a bit.Sorry you had a bad experience... but on a brighter note, if this was the worst thing that happened, then you must have had a fabulous wedding! Congrats!
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    What a nightmare! Thanks for the heads up :-)

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