Hey!Just wondering if you and your FI have done the Catholic marriage course yet, and if so, where and do you have the contact info?P.s. did you request father Mick do your ceremony? He didn't specify when we met with him, but does he perform all marriages? And also, are you inviting him to your wedding??

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    Hi Skittle, We did our marriage prep course in September, as my FI was leaving for Nevada at the end of October until Christmas. Father Mick suggested getting it done sooner rather than later. OK, just grabbed our course folder. Father Mick gave me a list of the 2009 courses and you can probably email him for the upcoming year. An easier way would be to call the Paulist Centre for Catholic Evangelization at 416-534-2326 x 228. They have the dates of the courses on their automated system, or you can speak to someone directly (only open 9-5). The course runs for 5 weeks, once a week. It will either be a Tues, Wed, or Thurs, and it will be the same day for the full 5 weeks, from 7-9pm each night, but I think only the first week actually went the full 2 hours. The course was pretty good, not at all touching on awkward subjects like I was worried about. I live with my FI and other brides have had bad experiences with issues such as living together and birth control, etc., but mine was not at all like that. They all know we live in a modern world and I think this course would be exactly the same if it didn't have the Catholic tag on it. Some weeks were better than others. I loved filling out all those surveys but Matt takes a long time to write (which is why I never get emails from him, lol), and so it was agony for him. We still got to talk and learned a lot about each other. Some couples were at each others throats - it was pretty funny (and sad). Actually, the next course starts this Thursday, and runs from Nov 19th to Dec 17th each Thursday. You'll have to call and register and find out dates in the new year, because that's as far as I have dates on my info sheet. The fee is $180. In terms of Father Mick, we did not request him, but met with him and he talked to us as if he would be doing the ceremony, mentioning he wants us to write a letter and talk about our hopes and dreams and life in general (LOL), and so I'm pretty sure he's the one who does all the weddings. Also, there has a been a rearragement of priests, and he's the main pastor, so its a safe bet he does them all! We are inviting him to the rehersal dinner and the wedding reception as well. I don't know if he will come or not, but the invite will be there for him. Annnnnnd I'm done rambling. Hope I helped!
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    Thanks, Littlin! That's super helpful! You are really organized...
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