Yay 1 month today...

... til our wedding! May 8th will come so quickly. We've gotten so much done this week though. Of the 180 we invited we have 142 yeses, 6 nos, and are still waiting for responses from 34 people.

What's new with everyone's planning/life?

Re: Yay 1 month today...

  • LittlinLittlin member
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    Oh so exciting!  I was 4 months to go yesterday.  You have a great response for your wedding - that's great!

    What's left in the next month for you?
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    EEEEEEEEEE!!! So exciting!!! :)
  • mflowers929mflowers929 member
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    Eee, that's great news! As for me, next week I'm dragging my MOH with me to the men's stores that I want to check out (no tuxes for us. FI would look ridiculous) and the event rental store. I'm excited!
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    Yayyy getting so close!
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    We still have to finalize the seating chart, and then I can finish the excort cards, other than that we're all ready.
     My bridesmaids hosted a lingerie shower and bachelorette party for me last night and it was SO much fun.
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    Hey Preppy Sailor. We are date twins. :) I have most of my planning done too. I have one final fitting and then I'm done. I guess my dress doesn't have the best bustle options, so they had to make one up.

    Yay! one month to go.

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