Thanks everyone!

I'm just returning from the Honeymoon in Vegas, and it's so awesome to see the posts after the wedding. Ring pop--you rock! Thanks for sharing with everyone. I'm still pumped. Should I expect something like the post-Christmas blues?
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Re: Thanks everyone!

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    Congrats, Suzie!! Hope the HM was great!

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    Some people get the post wedding blues.  I find it helped to have something else to throw myself into.  We bought a house shortly after our wedding, but working on old/new hobbies would be great too!
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    Hi Suzie! Welcome back and congrats again!

    As for the post-wedding blues... to be honest, I just felt relieved and happy that it all turned out well, everyone had a good time, and it was over! I liked planning the wedding but I just keep riding on the thrill of a job well done.

    My pro photographer was really quick getting our pictures back to us, so I spent the next few weeks putting together our wedding album. Then I dove back into other interests. It was really a relief to have time to ourselves again. Keep the honeymoon going! Smile
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    So glad you had a great time on your HM!  I am not concerned about the wedding blues.  I'll have a scrapbook to work on after the wedding.  I'm sure that'll keep me busy.
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