Outdoor venue for ceremony only in Hamilton and surrounding area

Hi Im looking for an outdoor venue in Hamilton or the outskirts that is not ridiculously exspensive for a beautiful outdoor ceremony!!  Alot of places want you to do the reception there as well and up the cost if you dont! As well as give you a 12pm start date so you can be out of there before their real moneymakers show up! While I understand that they want to make as much money as possible, I am very disappointed to not be able to use these venues because of it seeing as i would have no where for my guest's to go for the 4 hrs or so in between my ceremony and reception because we already have a place for the reception!! Im just getting a little frustrated with trying to find a beautiful outdoor place around here on a budget. Its my dream to get married under a blue sky standing on lush green  grass in an open space with tree's all around in the background! LOL I dont think im asking for too much! If anyone has any idea's for this area, any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks so much!

Re: Outdoor venue for ceremony only in Hamilton and surrounding area

  • I don't know Hamilton but what about a public park or something owned by the city. You may just be able to set up chairs in a park though I'm not certain there aren't laws against it. I think it would be worth trying. I hope you find something soon.
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