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My fiance and I are hosting the wedding, however, we want all parents named on the invitation.  Both of our parents are divorced, only my father remarried.  Rather than the 'together with our parents', any advice on how to include my mother & father with stepmother AND groom's divorced parents on the invitation and still have our own names visible?  I'm afraid with 5 parents, no one will notice the bride and groom's names.  Any advice is appreciated......

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    Ms. Lynnie's Mom
    Together with Mr. & Mrs. Lynnie's Dad's last name
    invite you to the wedding of
    son of
    Mrs. Groom's Mom
    & Mr. Groom's Dad

    ?? Sorry, that's a tough one.
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    miellenmiellen member
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    I'm in a similar situation where everyone's names needs to be on there but we are hosting. There's no remarriage though, just an amicable divorce and a father who passed away, so not as sticky.

    Hmm... let's see...

    Lynnie and Fiance (I would do this in a different typeface than the rest)
    along with their parents
    Ms. Lynnie Mom
    Mr. Lynnie Dad and Mrs. Lynnie Stepmom / Mr. & Mrs. Lynnie Dad
    Ms. Fiance Mom
    Mr. Fiance Dad
    invite you to celebrate....

    Man I hope your invite has lots of room!
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    silversparkssilversparks member
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    I've also seen something along the lines of:


    Invite you to join them etc.

    Names of Bride's Parents in whatever couple or single combo makes sense (bottom left)
    Names of Groom's Parents in whatever couple or single combo makes sense (bottom right)
    Warning No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml
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