Wedding Wednesdays

I just had lunch... anyone want to talk about your wedding menus? :)
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Re: Wedding Wednesdays

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    We didn't want to do the typical pasta and chicken, but once we saw the prices, we realized why most people choose that!

    We are having appetizers, served butler style instead of an antipasta. The meal will be a house salad, oil and garlic pasta with sun dried tomatos, roasted chicken, braised beef flank, asparagus, scalloped potatos, and apple strudle for dessert. We have our tasting in mid-January, and I'm very much looking forward to sampling it all.
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    We don't meet with our caterer until January..sooo no answer yet!
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    I have no idea yet.. but I know FI wants two kinds of meat. LOL We'll be doing a buffet dinner though.
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    We actually just sampled our dinner menu last month. It was great! We are having a salad and chicken and potatoes and beans! haha so descriptive!! BUT SO DELICIOUS! The chicken is stuffed with awesomeness!!  lol  Other than that i got nothing! i dont know much about food! 
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    We're not 100% sure on our menu but everything we tired at the open house our venue had was FANTASTIC.  We'll be meeting with them in the spring to go over things.  All I know is that FBD says he NEEDS cheesecake.  lol

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    We loooooved our wedding food! We had a "western" style banquet but wanted to incorporate touches of our Chinese and Indian cultures.

    For appetizers we had roast suckling pig, lamb masala rolls, and summer rolls.

    Then there was a green apple sorbet.

    Our mains were served family style in 2 courses. First, there was cashew & apricot stuffed chicken in browned butter ice wine sauce, garlic ginger crusted salmon, butternut squash fried rice, and grilled naan.

    Then there were grilled lamb chops, veggie stir fry, and e-fu noodles (traditional at Chinese weddings, symbolizing longevity). For vegetarians we had eggplant parmesan.

    For dessert we brought in some of our favourite traditional Chinese and Indian desserts.

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