Ottawa Area Alterations and Steaming

Hey Im from New Brunswick but im getting married in Ottawa in August. Ill be Flying to Ottawa a little over a month before the wedding (July 5) anyways im supposed to get my dress altered and steamed here but now im getting worried because i havent even had my first fitting and probably wont till around the 20th...which leaves less then 15 days for it to get altered and steamed and for few of those days the seamstress will be gone....also whats the point of getting it steamed (even if its complimentary) if im just going to take it on a plane it will get moved alot and worse when i get on the plane....the girl at the bridal dress store says it should be fine if i take it out of the bag as soon as i get to ottawa but theres going to be dogs around including my own so i feel like id have to get it steamed regardless....
what should i do? any places youd recommend in ottawa that would alter and steam my dress? I dont care about prices just dont want them to ruin my that its less then two months before the wedding im starting to really stress out lol
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