Everyone... what have you booked and what do you still need to book... (roll call)

Hi there... This is what I've done so far and I would love for everyone to share your vendors and also what you still need to book.

Can you also list your Location so it will help other brides (and me)

Date: Oct 15th, 2011

Ceremony Location: Downtown Toronto

Reception Location:  Downtown Toronto

Getting Ready Location: Might be Durham Region but will end up  downtown at a hotel

Already Booked:

Venue:  I like this venue but with anything... I have found other venues that I would like and love.  But I love my venue and I'm looking foward to making it unique with my own stamp.

Invitations:  Found them through my photographer.  I like their designs and pricing fits my budget. 

Sweet Table:  Not officially booked yet but this is the vendor I'm going to use if I don't go the DYI route.


DJ - Best Friend use them and l loved the vibe they did for her.


Photographer was hard to choose.  So many to pick from and looking at pictures made my head spin.  Happy with my choice and they were really flexible with pricing and making a custom package to suit my budget.

Make Up: Done by a close High School Friend

Live Band:  Two people I know got other friends together to make a group to play at my wedding.  They played for a house party to show us what they can do.

Dress: I love her dresses and went to see them at their Toronto shop and bought one.  Quickest purchase ever!

Flowers:  Tanya is the sweetest person to deal with and also very busy with their shop.


Still Need to Book:

- Minister:  Finding this one tough

- Limo: Finding this one tough also.  Might go with a vintage car.

- Honeymoon: Not worried about this.  So many great places to go.

- Cake:  So expensive if you want something from a magazine like quality.  Still hunting!

- Video?  Not sure if we are going to get it.  I want it but FH does not want it.

- Hair:  Thinking of using a local Salon downtown.  Have not picked one.  Might go with the mobile hair  vendor if we do a hotel downtown.

List your vendors and some notes if you want.  I always like checking out websites of vendors.

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Re: Everyone... what have you booked and what do you still need to book... (roll call)

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    Well my wedding was last year, but I have vendor reviews in my married bio:
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    Date: July 1st, 2011

    Ceremony Location: Niagara-On-The-Lake
    Reception Location:  Niagara-On-The-Lake

    Getting Ready Location: Niagara-On-The-Lake at the hotel

    We've booked:




    Cocktail hour musician:


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    Wow - you guys had way more booked a year in advance than I did!  With 5 weeks to go all my vendors are obviously booked (you can see them in my bio, but I won't review them until after the wedding - no bad experiences so far).  Good luck with all the planning!!!
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    Wedding Date: October 9th 2010

    Ceremony Location - historical Site - booked
    Reception Space - Old City Hall building - booked
    Ceremony Music - pianist booked
    Minister - booked
    Caterer - booked
    Florist - local florist - booked
    Photographer - - booked she is awesome!
    Hair & Make-up Booked
    DJ - booked
    Decore - has been purchased and rented linens and chair covers
    Dress - done
    All we have left to do is to outfit the groomsmen - and their appointment has been booked.
    - Woohoo!
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    Date: July 9th 2010
    Wedding Planner
    Ceremony site
    Dress is bought(though I'm iffy about it)
    Made Save the Dates

    Still need everything else.
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    Great idea!

    Date: September 4, 2011
    Ceremony Site: downtown Halifax, NS
    Reception site: Downtown Halifax, NS


    To do:
    EVERYTHING . lol

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    Date: July 2, 2011
    Ceremony, Reception & Getting Ready Location: Kananaskis, AB


    .. Photographer - Edward Ross (oooomg he's phenominal. this was our first vendor we booked)
    .. Officiant
    .. Dress
    .. Ceremony chairs
    .. Venue - Delta Lodge @ Kananaskis


    we literally 2 days ago got confirmation about our venue - oh please, please let's not discuss this cause it's still a sore subject - so we have had to wait until that happened to book anything beyond it. will be looking to book DJ and decor next

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    Date: May 28, 2011

    Ceremony Location: Windsor, ON
    Reception Location:  Windsor, ON

    Getting Ready Location: Windsor, ON

    We've booked:
    the church
    Reception at Ambassador Golf in LaSalle
    Photo and video: Grinvilla
    Ceremony music - a duo favourite of future mother-in-law
    Reception music: Bigg Wiggle, local band who brings a DJ with them
    Decorator and florist
    And I have my dress!

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    Date: May 14, 2011

    Ceremony Location: Ottawa, ON
    Reception Location: Ottawa, ON

    - Church and Pastor
    - Reception location and Dinner
    - Limo
    - Photographer
    - Decorator
    - DJ
    - Invitations
    - Picked BM dresses
    - Salon for hair and Make-up
    - Purchased some decor items (candles, guest book ect)
    - Most Likely found florist (haven't booked yet)

    - Still need my dress :) I think I'm close.....

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    <p>In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:46Discussion:3ee36b7a-390c-4335-abee-7271a2b5c4dfPost:9bb6b684-9b15-4739-850b-9e93e77d7b18"><u><font color="#0000ff">Everyone... what have you booked and what do you still need to book... (roll call)</font></u></a>:
    [QUOTE]Flowers: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>   Tanya is the sweetest person to deal with and also very busy with their shop.  
    Posted by gingerbride2011[/QUOTE]

    I love Pink Twig - great choice! They are highly recommended although I couldn't go with them.

    Date: September 25th, 2010
    Location: Niagara Region, although my vendors are also Toronto, Burlington, and Vancouver</p>
    <p>Ceremony & Photos Venue: Royal Botanical Gardens <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    Chose them because it is beautiful, no need for extra decoration, they provide everything (chairs, tent, table, etc.) and also they have an indoor garden where we'll do photos if it rains. I love back-up plans.

    Reception Venue: Casablanca Winery Inn <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Restaurant was the perfect size, gorgeous view, reasonable room rates for our OOT guests, good wine choices and FI gets beer on tap.

    Officiant: Wedding Company of Niagara, Henry Verrier. This one gave me a headache, wish I'd booked it earlier since when we went to book it took us a while to find someone available.

    Invitations: DIY with supplies from The Paper Place in Toronto <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> but got a lot of inspriations from Paper Poet in New Westminster <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

    Dress: Anjolique dress from Lisa's Bridal in New Westminster <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> I visited Brian's Bridal and a number of stores along New West's bridal row, and received excellent help in all despite not making appointments, but Lisa's Bridal was the best, and they had the dress!

    Accessories, Tux, Alterations, Shoes: Bridal on Spadina, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (our indulgence), <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> , <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

    Photographer: Adesign Wedding <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Love the samples, they have truly beautiful albums, and really liked the photographer - can't wait to see how the photos turn out.

    Transportation: Niagara Classic Cars <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

    Florist: La Fiora <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> She has been very accomodating and very affordable.

    Cake: Wedding Cakes by Design <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> She has delicious flavours and will be making a custom cake topper for us as well.

    We registered at The Bay and at Home Outfitters. First the Home Outfitters at Yorkdale but had so many problems with that location, we switched it to Eglinton Town Center, which has much better service.

    Still have to book HM and Hair and Make-up, beginning to panic a little on those ones.</p>
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    Date: September 9th, 2011
    Location: Metcalfe, ON (just outside of Ottawa)

    --- Ceremony & reception Venue: in Metcalfe
    --- Officiant: (included in venue)
    --- Catering: (included in venue)
    --- Decorating: (included in venue, everything else is DIY)
    --- Getting ready spot: (included in venue)
    --- Dress: Sposa Bella in Montreal
    --- Invitations: in Ottawa
    --- Registry: at The Bay

    To do:
    --- Photographer
    --- Florist
    --- Baker
    --- Clothing for groom
    --- Transportation (to the event for me, and to the airport for me and FH when we're leaving for the airport)
    --- Rent sound system/docking station for iPod at reception (venue might do this):   We're not having a DJ, as it's a small daytime wedding - we're DIY'ing with some music that we're just about finished buying and then will download onto an iPod to play in background
    --- Ceremony musician/music (venue might do this): no idea where to even start with this one! (though believe it or not, I was once the ceremony musician at one of my cousin' large wedding)
    --- Hair/makeup

    Hmm... I guess I'm further along than I thought!  Everything else just seems to be little details. :-)

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