Seattle Wedding Show

Who's going?! If we are there at the same time we should schedule a GTG! Or maybe a lunch after? I am not the mod so I don't how this works but I think it's a good weekend we might all be in somewhat the same area. I think I am going to be going on Sunday January 8th since I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday.

Re: Seattle Wedding Show

  • I'm not going, since I'm a OMH and all Cry

    But I would definitely be down for a HH or lunch/dinner in downtown Seattle after you all are done with the Wedding Show!
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  • I'll be there for work purposes - but if I get done I might take off the bagde and drag FI in as an attendee.  If anyone wants me to scope out booths ahead of time and let them know where something is/best route to a booth or if a booth is in the show this year (you can also look this up on your own) or if something is in a booth LMK - I'll be happy to check it out (or for looking in booths do my best!)

  • I'll be there! My friend and I are getting a hotel (even though we don't live far from Seattle) so we'll be downtown all weekend! I can't wait! :)
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  • Also going! Looking forward to it
  • Is there a site to get discounted tickets to this?
  • Ill be there with another bride on Sunday. What day are you ladies going?
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