Help Quebec Brides!!! I might not be able to get married because of a stupid piece of paper!!

brace yourself cuz it's a doozy!

Alexx called the health card people today to find out WTF was going on... The lady told him that the card was processed on March 3d and that he should have received it two weeks ago! Needless to say, it has not come. Now, she's saying that we need to fill out a "replacement of card" form, and it could take between 45 and 60 days!!  We need a piece of photo ID for him to be allowed to get married...but his wallet was stollen a few months ago and now things are a bit complicated.
 Alexx is going to call the passport people tomorrow to see if there's another way to get his passport done, without the card (I doubt it though).  Which means we won't be able to leave on our honeymoon either...

What I need to know from you is: is there another way for us to get married??  Is there another way we can do this, without his health card.  He has no photo ID and if he can't get his health card by then what do we do? Who do we need to call to get this sorted out? Please tell me you have a suggestion!!!!

This is me panicking, please help!  I don't want us to have to cancel the wedding for something as stupid as this!
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Re: Help Quebec Brides!!! I might not be able to get married because of a stupid piece of paper!!

  • lcs79lcs79 member
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    Have you talked to the person who will be doing the wedding?  Maybe they have an idea.  Does he have a birth certificate - would that be enough?

    You might also try calling Justice Quebec at 1 866 536-5140

    Good luck!

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    can he not go for a learner's permit? Usually that comes within a couple weeks,
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  • MadisonpennyMadisonpenny member
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    I would call the Pasport office and see if they can expedit his passport.
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  • Cynthia1207Cynthia1207 member
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    Um I've never heard of anyone needing a piece of photo ID to get married.  All you need is a birth certificate.  As for passport requirements, yes you need ID unless you are renewing your passport in which case all you have to do is send your old passport in (which still is an ID).

    Would a student ID card work for your marriage requirement?  I know for passports it doesn't but if you absolutely need a photo ID to get married that might be enough. 

    If you're worried about the passport, you can ask for an urgent or express pick-up.  You pay a little more but you get your passport in one day for urgent and 2-9 days for express.  You have to go to an office in person and present a trvale document with date of departure and proof of payment.
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    Does it have to be a health card or will any photo id work?  Does Quebec have age of majority cards?  Here in NS you can get them same day and it's valid photo id here.
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