RANT: Being Canadian = less money saving and few online options

Hello Ladies,

I am posting for two reasons, to rant a little, and to see if anyone has good sites/ideas.

So I have been searching online for good deals for wedding related things as well as trying to find sites for wedding related things.

What I have come up with so far is that Canadians get the shaft on shipping fees or availablity all together - they will not ship here. A lot of coupons or deals are not available to us.

Take the awesome sounding Vista Print for example: ooh yay, free xyz paper products every week - but the shipping will cost you $20-30; making the free product even more expensive than doing it myself.

I also am having a hard time finding items online available to Canadias - there are big differences between Amazon dot com and Amazon dot ca.

Thanks for the vent.

Anyone have any good sites with reasonable shipping and good prices on wedding items? Specifically (most recently) I've been searching for brooches - one to put in my hair on a comb and one to pin on my dress at one hip. Etsy hasn't quite come up with the most affordable options.
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Re: RANT: Being Canadian = less money saving and few online options

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    I just about threw my computer out the window a few years ago because refuses to ship up here and sucks arse.  Also, Billabong won't ship here which is beyond crappy (eventhough there are Billabong stores here...figure that one out).  I do agree that we get the shaft a lot.  Maybe try living social or groupon for local deals?
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    Honestly there are lots of good brooches to buy on Ebay... maybe check there?
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    Go to some vintage shops! :)
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    I agree as a Canadian we totally get the shaft!

    I agree with Trisha vintage shops are great way to find some beautiful pieces!

    Just found this website that has some cool wedding things and with pretty cheap shipping
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    Thanks for the leads!
    Maybe one day we can all look forward to being able to order, buy, and have shipped products at great deals. ;)
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    I lucked out and found some great American websites. I ordered my shoes online as well, but I can't seem to remember where.  A few that I found GREAT were:

    Hope that helps.
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    Very reasonable prices, and they ship to Canada, I can't remember if the shipping costs were outrageous though?!
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    I never found the shipping on the Canadian VistaPrint website to be outrageous, and they often do free shipping.  Plus always tons of deals.  Choose the 21 day option, it rarely takes that long to ship and I think the most I ever paid on shipping was around $7.

    I bought my hair flowers here:
    She is in Isreal but the prices are reasonable and it only cost me $4 for shipping.

    I also found to be a help.  I bought my bracelet for $7.50 and I'm pretty sure the shipping was free.  I'd definitely recommend checking it out for brooches.

    Also , (got all my girls and myself flip flops for under $20 with shipping and there was 6 of us!)

    If you are looking to do a photobook, Picaboo's coupons are applicable in Canada.  We bought our guest book for 40% off, and after the wedding made books for both of our parents buy one get one free.

    Awesome paper products here.. I bought all our wedding party thank you cards from her.

    Hope any of that can be of any help.   I have more Canadian Etsy sellers that I used too (for personalized etched wine glasses, and cheap but really cute jewelry) 
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    I have also heard that when shippingn from the US to here that there are outrageous brokerage fees?  Has anyone experienced this?  I am wanting to buy my linens and chair covers, however I can't find a Canadia company, therefore it is looking like the US is my only options.....shipping will be about 97.00 then the brokerage fees will be about 70.00, as I only have UPS for a choice.
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    Try Kijiji. They are a lot of items waiting to be sold and vendors waiting to be used!
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    Kijiji, Etsy and Groupon (or sends you ALL the daily deals in one e-mail) were lifesavers for me.

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    I have bought a LOT of stuff on ebay. free shipping. When you search something on google search price + shipping lowest, then it asks your postal code and you can search that way. I got table runners as well as paper lanterns and a few oter things. Just be willing to wait a month for delivery. So if your a good planner ebay s a goog option.

    good luck
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