Sudbury, Ontario Brides!!

Is anyone from the Northen Ontario region (sudbury)??
I am getting married here next summer and I had posted earlier about Limo alternatives...i'm looking to either rent a car/ suv or something different and hopefully less expensive then limos (ive priced them out and are about $1500 for one day)

If anyone has any tips/info/has been married in sudbury and has advice i'd love to hear it!
thanks :)

Re: Sudbury, Ontario Brides!!

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    I live in Sudbury but I'm getting married in the Sault, so I haven't looked into anything here.  $1500, that's expensive!  I can try asking around at work though to see if anyone has any ideas.  Glad to know there's someone from my area on here! 
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    I am in Sudbury as well...I havent even priced limos I will want an alternative as well...what about approaching the classic cars etc up at the millinium centre on sunday evenings. I am sure some of them do that or know of people that do.

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