Anyone from PEI or NS?

My FI and I are headed to PEI and NS for a weeklong vacation the last week of July.  He is going on a half day fishing cruise out of North Rustico, and I was thinking about a massage.  Can anyone recommend someone?

Also, while we are in NS, we are staying in Blomidon provincial park.  Any ideas for fun around there?  Wineries are a must, as is halifax, but I have 2 days with no plans.
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Re: Anyone from PEI or NS?

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    suzie173 is :)

    I don't live there but we visited last year and had an amazing time! The Canadian east coast is honestly one of my favourite places in the world.

    I stayed on the other side of the Bay of Fundy so I don't really know the area around Blomidon. I remember the hiking was fantastic (check the tide times!)

    If it's feasible in your schedule, I'd highly recommend driving the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton. It is absolutely spectacular. We managed to drive the trail in one day but we stayed at at B&B on Cape Breton Island.

    Have a great time! NS and PEI are beautiful and the people are soooo nice.
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    I'm from Halifax (and work in Tourism :P)

    You'll have to check out Blomidon Wines and Grand Pre Wines (those are my favorites but there are lots in the area). For fun, there's Upper Clement's Park (small amusement park) and cute little shops in the Wolfville area. There's also great whale watching from Digby Neck on the Bay of Fundy! The Look-off (I think it's exit 11 or 13) gives a nice view of the valley too.

    I definitely recommend coming to Halifax - it's a beautiful city! For the sake of business, I'll recommend the double decker city tour (Ambassatours Gray Line) to show you around, but really, there's lots of stuff to do in the city depending on what you like! Definitely go to Peggy's Cove (better in the evening when there's less people - the restuarant there has amazing homemade gingerbread)

    Cape Breton is beautiful if you have a few days. You'd need 3 from Blomidon really - it'd be about 6-7 hours to get there, a day to do the Cabot Trail and then back. But really, the valley area (Blomidon area to Digby) is my favorite of the province!

    Hope that helps! I love people visiting my province! Send me a PM is you have specific questions :)
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    I live in Cape Breton and I definitely recommend visiting if you have the time. Cabot Trail is gorgeous and we have many parks and museums to visit. I used to work at the Fortress of Louisbourg, which is an awesome place to explore, although it is a bit cold there this time of year. The Maritimes is gorgeous so I know you'll have a great time!
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    Hi GrizBearGirl! So glad to hear you'll be visiting our neck of the woods. I agree that whale watching cruises from Digby Neck are well worth looking into. It's been a few years since I went but our tour had only 2 of us on it, and the company was from a little island called Tiverton (the cruises from Long Island were absolutely crowded). We did get to mingle with the whales. I adore going to Grand Pre, where the Acadians settled hundreds of years ago. They were the first to settle in North America. Ultimately they were either killed or deported by the British in 1755, and many deported are now known as Louisianna Cajuns. Longfellow wrote of Evangeline and Gabriel, two Acadians separated during the deportation---it's the ultimate love story, perfect for you and FI, as Grand Pre has a statue of her there. The winery has tours and good samples there.I hope you can make it to Cape Breton. Coincidentally, today is our first anniversary (yay!) and RingPop made it to my Cape Breton wedding on her vacation last year with her hubbyLaughing, so you just never know what a post on the knot will bring! Any more info, Pm or post again. Have lots of fun!
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    Thank you all so much!!!!!  Unfortunately, we can't fit Cape Breton in on this trip - I would absolutely love to, but I want to bring FI to my ancestral roots on PEI, so if we did Cape Breton, the island would have to be skipped.  My mothers family is Acadian - from Cap Egmont, PEI.  I can't wait to go back to "my" island :)  I love it up there!

    Grand Pre is definetly on the list of where to go - I'm a wine-a-holic, so no vacation is complete without a winery.  I've booked a fishing cruise for FI from PEI (I think it's North Rustico) and I'm going to go to Charlottown while he's fishing and get a massage.  

    24 days and I'll be in the most beautiful area on earth!!!!!
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    i am from Nova scotia1
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    i am from nova scotia :)
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