Rich Bride, Poor Bride on Slice

Anyone watching this show?  I discovered it about a month ago and I had no idea just how crazy wedding planning could be with themes, big entrances, over the top centrepieces and decorations.  Oh my!

We are both in our 40's so we are planning something small and simple and are not doing stuff like bouquet toss, garter toss, spotlight dances, sweet stations, photobooths, etc.

Re: Rich Bride, Poor Bride on Slice

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    I love this show! But most of the weddings are much more over the top than we're planning. They just make for better TV. Every once in a while it makes me feel like our wedding will be dull because we don't have a specific theme, like Old Hollywood, or Enchanted Forest. Then I come back to my senses and remember it's the people, not the decor, that make a party.
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  • ring_popring_pop member
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    I used to be addicted to this show but lately, I've been less interested. I think I'm over the drama.

    Keep in mind these are usually NOT typical weddings! Some of the ideas are cool (my friends had a photobooth at their wedding last week and it was a huge hit) but most of the people on the show have a totally warped sense of reality. The show screens for the more dramatic people, of course; it's more exciting. (Reality TV is not reality, right?) Plus, the couples on the show often get big discounts from the vendors, so they get a lot more for their money than most of us normal brides.

    I'm a fan of simple weddings myself!
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  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    i used to watch it but now i find it super annoying. it seems really fake too. like it seems like the couples are told what to say and are told to start fights. and they always go over budget! definitely don't compare yourself to these couples. i find the weddings they plan are often over the top.
  • heyimbrenheyimbren member
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    Did anyone see the episode with the bride and groom who were renovating their house? And the bride put a hammer through the bathroom wall?

    That one is my favourite.
  • nfp147nfp147 member
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    I watch it once in a while just for the entertainment.  I can't believe how much people who "love" each other fight!  It's supposed to be a happy time!  I suppose a lot of it is staged.
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  • RevangelRevangel member
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    I like it, but it does seem to be fake sometimes, and posed. I find that with some other slice shoes as Last 10 Pounds and the one with the overweight brides. It's scripted and the surprise at the begining where the fitness coach comes in can't be real as there is already a camera there. Plus, the one episode this girl did a 10k run when she barely exercised and was not even breathing hard at the end....or sweating....and she had weights on her back. I don't believe it.
    That being said, out of all of those shows, I still like RIch Bride, Poor Bride the best.

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    Oh yeah...I watched that Last 10 Pounds show a few times, too.  I did get a couple of good pointers on working out so at least it did some good.  hehe!!

    I have watched "Say Yes to the Dress" too along with "Wedding SOS" and out of all the shows I like "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" the best...even is it is somewhat staged. 
  • LittlinLittlin member
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    I watch RBPB when I'm making dinner sometimes, I laugh a lot and think most of those brides (and grooms) are crazy.  Although if they filmed me in the few days leading up to the wedding they may have got some emotional stress-filled footage too - the difference is that I kept it to myself!!!  FI hates the show, and I kept saying to him "doesn't this make you so glad I am NOT like those girls?"
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    I have a friend who did Rich Bride Poor Bride....her wedding was already planned when they started the filming. The whole thing (other then the actual day) was staged. I was a little upset when I found out LOL I did like the show.

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    I've just started watching it again... but more for the giggle-factor than anything else.  I have just finished watching all the episodes online of Wedding SOS.  Wish I could have a fairy godmother for our wedding! :-)

  • suzie173suzie173 member
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    Even 2 months post-wedding (still playng it over and over in my head every night) I am still hooked on RBPB. Like Littlin, I would have made for good tv the 3 days before the wedding :). Over the top or not, I got some great ideas and tamed them down a bit to suit our style. I think part of the fun of planning is at least dreaming "over the top". Anyone agree?
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    I watch it all the time, but I think i've now seen every episode. I heard they were making a Rich Groom Poor Groom. I will probably stop watching it after my wedding.
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