Looking for recommendations - NB Area

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some recommendations for the Fredericton/Oromocto Area on the following:

Flowers (real and/or silk)
Any other wedding planning item not listed that you can comment on

If anyone has any suggestions on what we should budget based on Atlantic Canadian prices on the above items for about 75 people that would be a big help. 

Also, any location recommendations for a sit down reception and any suggestions on places/people/things to avoid on wedding planning would be appreciated.  I have already picked out a Bonny dress from Anne's. I have a good idea on what I like for the BM dresses so that is another plus. Our wedding colours will be pink, brown and ivory and will be in the Spring or the Fall.  

Thanks for your input!!  :D

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Re: Looking for recommendations - NB Area

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    We went to a wedding at the Delta in Fredericton. They have two size rooms. It was a very nice place to have it. Plus it's right beside the Dip! Love that place!  You can order invitations online as well, and not necesarrily get someone local to do it.  check out your month's board in the message boards. I find those are really helpful and it's fun to share the countdown with them. I don't find the Atlantic Canada boards are very active. It's too bad. I've met some great people so far on this.  I've ordered quite a bit of stuff online.  Check out for shoes.  They have some great cheap shoes. I've ordered my shoes, cake topper, and various other things from the states. I havent' found much nice and different things on the Canadian sites, but then again, I also have a specific view in mind.

    When you do post on the other forums, or if you do, don't let some of the ignorant comments get to you.  American and Canadian weddings are very different and some can be very rude when they reply.  Just let it go. Those are my tips. I have gotten some really great ideas from individuals on TK. It's been great for me.
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    Thanks tseguin :)

    your advice is really smart and I am going to just let things go.  I like the Delta idea and maybe with an outdoor ceremony by the river...nice.  :)

    I have been checking out a few of the other boards for online site suggestions and I have been using my Michaels coupons.  I found a site for silk  they ship to Canada which is good.  I think I will do a price comparison for fresh but with so many in my family having allergies I think at least the centrepieces will be silk.

    If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to share.  I am trying to work up a budget to see when we can afford it.
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    For a DJ I'd recommend DJ Jay La King.  He's based in St. Stephen but I know he travels all over NB.  He's GREAT! I think he has a FB page:)

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