Thrill Thursday (Because our board.... it is dead)

What is the most thrilling  thing you have ever done? 
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Re: Thrill Thursday (Because our board.... it is dead)

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    I am really not the most thrilling person... I guess my most thrilling thing was the first time I ever white water kayaked over a waterfall..... it wasn't a very large waterfall, and it was only  three days into our two week long white water adventure... So it wasn't my last, even of that day..... But it was such a thrill to do!  LOVED IT! 
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  • ElleB87ElleB87 member
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    Hmmm that's a good question - I would say it's a tie between babysitting 2 vervet monkeys while I was in Africa or when I took a flying lesson for my 18th birthday where I was entirely in control of the plane
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    Elle, both of those sound pretty awesome! I am such an animal lover and the monkeys just sound amazing..... but I am also a bit of a daredevil... I've held a monkey once, but other than that I've never done either and I might need to add them to my to do list. 
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    Getting married.
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    I def didn't get on here until now, but I am now... hahaha

    Most thrilling.... hmmm... probably something that I did on the military side of life.... like first time handling a machine gun or throwing a grenade... I love when things go BOOM lol
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