Muskoka Wedding Suggestions?

Hello everyone! I haven't picked a venue yet but I'm hoping to get married at a cottage in the Muskokas that we will be renting for the week in August 2012. We are also hoping to keep our costs low as our budget is only $10,000 with 100 guests. I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions for:
-cottage rentals (I found one on 'home away' but I'm open to suggestions) or other waterfront venues that would be budget friendly?
-catering (we were thinking something low key like gourmet burgers and pies)
-hair stylists
or any other recommendations you might have! I'm a newbie at all this! Thanks so much!

Re: Muskoka Wedding Suggestions?

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    There is a post near the bottom of this page with some Muskoka suggestions:

    I'm not sure if they are within the budget however, as you know that Muskoka can be expensive!  I do, however, know some people who have gotten married at their family cottage on the dock, or even out on the water and their friends all pulled their boats up to the site to watch.  I think any big venue would be more than the $10000 budget, but definitely look into cottage rental and get extra insurance if you are going to be hosting a wedding there.  I think my in-laws rent their cottage for $2500 a week, but I know they can go for much more.

    There are a handful of Muskoka area brides that should be able to help too!
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    I'm in a wedding here this weekend (clicky on here) and it's going to be gorgeous.  Her reception is at the active living center in Huntsville (about 30 min from the reserve) but there are plenty of places for receptions around Huntsville.  I think her budget was close to yours. 

    I live in Muskoka, so if you need anything (dj, flowers, etc suggestions, let me know!  I'd be happy to help. 

    edit - I just re-read your post.

    DJ - Jason at Muskoka Touring Company.  Best DJ I've ever heard. 

    Photographer - Kelly Hollinshead at Shutterbug gallery, Erin Monett at Ever Images, Bre Morrow, Tristan Taylor (she often assists Bre and is just starting and very inexpensive but fabulous) and Jacob Barkey at Jake Media (also just starting and I think well priced but fabulous) are all really artistic and fabulous photographers. 

    Florist - Lana at Blooming Muskoka in Gravenhurst is really good.  She did my flowers and I was thrilled with them.  There's also Cottage Country Flowers in Huntsville that is excellent if you are more up in that area as opposed to Gravenhurst area. 

    Caterer - 3 Guys and a Stove, Farmers Daughter, Coffee Cabin, Seven Main (all located in Huntsville) are all great pics. 

    Hair Stylist - Kirsten Donald is amazing at wedding hair and cheap!  Love her.  She does pretty much all of us up here.  She's young and fresh and does a great job.  She works at Anthony's in the huntsville place mall and will travel.

    Salon for nails and stuff (and hair too and makeup also will travel) Gemini in Huntsville.  They are great and I've been there a number of times.  They do the shellac also and are terrific. 

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    Thank you sooo much!!!!!!! I really appreciate the suggestions!!
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    Thanks for sharing. I'm planning my wedding at the JW Lake Rosseau right now and just searched up the DJ we are planning to hire. Great to hear the Muskoka Touring Company does a good job!!

    Will probably ping you for more advice, but going to give your hair stylist a go. Is there anyone that can do hear and makeup? Its just me and one best woman who need it.
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