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The board has been so slow this week!  I know we all must be busy with the holidays coming as well as the wedding planning!  If you have a few minutes - let's catch up!  We'll keep in the holiday & year end theme for now until I think up more questions!  Feel free to post polls or surveys of your own whenever you want!  Here is one I stole from the Canada Nestie board!

So what was your 2010 like? 
What were the best, worst or most memorable moments?

Re: (late) GTKY Monday

  • LittlinLittlin member
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    Best & Most Memorable
    - getting married in August
    - all the fun parties and showers that happened in the few months leading up to the big day
    - getting to see so much family and friends because of all the wedding festivities
    - 4th year of stable teaching and not on contract or redundant this year - I'm there to stay at my school
    - DH staying in the country instead of heading to Brazil to work for half the year
    - buying our first house together!

    - really a great year - the stress of the wedding planning was a bit much at times, but I don't really think about it at all now that it has come and gone!
    - I've been blessed this year, and 2011 seems like it will be a fun one too!!!
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    2010 was pretty great, I got engaged July 1--halfway through the year!
    FI and I recently bought our first house, get possession Dec 31.
    Spent a lot of time with friends and family, as usual!  Went to the Grey Cup again (only to watch the Riders lose...poo!)
    Super excited for next year!
  • echo136echo136 member
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    For myself best moment would likely be getting engaged on March 8th.
    Followed by another great memory with my nephew being born April 7th.
    Followed by a worst moment on April 23rd when my grandfather passed away.
    Followed by 2 of FIs brothers getting married in June and September! 

    2010 has been pretty blah other than the above. I also applied for teachers college which excites me so I can quit my job. But I dont find that out until April! So April 2011 could suck.....but May 2011 will be great! 

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  • LittlinLittlin member
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    Echo - good luck with teacher's college - I remember having to wait on April 1st for all the schools to post to your account whether you were accepted or not...some were up in the morning and some you had to wait until late at night!  It was a crazy day!  Where did you apply?  Are you doing P/J, J/I, or I/S?
  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    2010 wasn't too bad.  I think all in all it went well.

    - Got engaged in May.
    - Went to Cuba with FI and my entire immediate family in March (SO much fun!)
    - Had a steady job.
    - Got to spend a week outside of Boston with my FI and my relatives.  
    - Knottie GTG in Boston in September!

    - My uncle passed away but I do feel so lucky to have spent time with him in September.  He was ill so it was his time but it's still sad.

    That's about it though.  Overall very good!

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  • kaitlyn20kaitlyn20 member
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    The best moments
    -getting our own place
    - getting taylor
    -My fiance proposing
    -spending more time with my niece

    the not so great times
    -my fiance having to be gone a month or two at a times sometimes
    -having his best friend as a roomate for half the year
    -being so far away from family
    -my granny getting more sick n not being able to be there for her
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  • echo136echo136 member
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    littllin - I applied just to Western. I have no desire to move or live (even temporarily) away from Fi (who will then be H).  I applied for J/I.  Hopefully......I got into Queens in 2007 but decided not to go (very upset at times when I think about how this could all be done!) so hopefully that is a good sign! 
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