Montreal Brides Read this Please!!

I live in Montreal and I'm a first time bride. I have been having a terrible time trying to find a location that will host the ceremony and the reception. I thought I had found the perfect location in the Bonaventure Hilton. They boasted a beautiful garden and lovely attached reception room and also said they would work within my budget of 52$ per plate. I even agreed to change my wedding date to get a slot. Once it was time to finalize details suddenly there was a minimium guest requirememnt, a minimium of 69$ per plate because there was a 17$ charge for 2 glasses of wine per guest that we didn't want, we wanted a dry wedding...also they tacked on a 500$ fee for labor for the ceremony in the garden ...what the labor? You've got me on that since my guests were just going to gather around us and witness the very small very quick service and then I was quoted the taxes as 5% and 8.5% which everyone knows it's 5 and 7.5%.

I was shocked by the sudden appearance of all these fees and charges that were not explain to me in the conversations we had and the guest requirement for the room when I know I made it clear that it was a small wedding between 50-60 including the wedding party. The moral of this post is...if you are looking for a location in Montreal to have a wedding and or reception, Do Not go to the Bonaventure Hilton. That's my two sense anyways!

Re: Montreal Brides Read this Please!!

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    That's strange and sorry it happened to you. Did you start working with a different coordinator partway through or anything? Did you get any documentation from them (emails, etc.) before they started making all these changes? Were any of these stipulations laid out when you first saw the contract?
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    We were just about to go into sign the contract when suddenly all these new charges and fees popped up. Same co-ordinator that we started with and that we are still working with. She's very good and was very shocked at their behaviour as were we.
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