Kingston Ontario Brides...

Hello, my name is Jessica I'm new around here. We are getting married in Kingston ontario on February 19/11. I'm having such a difficult time finding catering for our wedding. We are trying to stay within a reasonable buget, and we really don't want to have a served meal. So, if anyone has any ideas for a buffet type catering company give me some pointers. I would be so appreciative. Thanks in advance Ladies!
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Re: Kingston Ontario Brides...

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    Just wanted to say welcome! Sorry I don't really know much about Kingston other than the fact that I have a friend getting married there sometime next year.
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    I am not familiar with any vendors in Kingston. Do you have your venue booked? Can you ask them for anyone they can recommend? Other than that I would google and maybe use the yellow pages and just call everywhere asking for quotes. Don't be afraid to negotiate either - if you like someone but they're too pricey, let them know and they may be able to work with you to find something you are both happy with.
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    Oooh, where are you getting married? Have you tried restaurants in the area? Sometimes they cater.
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    Windmills has great food - even the catered food, but I'm not sure of the prices for catering.  I went to Queen's so I know a lot of restaurants.  Where is your reception?  

    I know this sounds weird, but you can always contact Sodexho.  I worked for conference services at the university and we did a ton of weddings and banquets in and around the Queen's campus, and they are definitely reasonably priced.  I know you might associated them with "cafeteria" food - but they use a much higher standard for banquets!  Worth looking into I suppose!
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