Ben Moss Jewelers Re-Sizing Poilcy


Apparently this question is too Canadian for the general attire and accessories board, so I've been directed here instead.

I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the re-sizing policy at Ben Moss Jewelers?

Re: Ben Moss Jewelers Re-Sizing Poilcy

  • They only resize for free once. Otherwise you have to pay a fee.  They suggested to us to wear the ring for a while to make sure it is the right size before getting it re-sized again.
  • How many sizes do they do for free?
  • I'm sorry, but my question is not how many times, but how many sizes.
  • could you maybe look one up & call there? It would make it so simple for you & you would not have to wonder & guess. I am assuming if you are just buying it & need it sized right then that if they want your business they will just size it to what ever, my jewelery company didn't ask the size until it was time to get it sized & it was np. 
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  • The entire situation is that I went in with my fiancee to buy the ring, and at the time my fiancee lived in Ottawa (I live in Kitchener-Waterloo). The saleswoman knew what size we needed, but told us it would take several weeks, but that she could take it to a Ben Moss in Ottawa and have it done there for free. When we took it back to the same Ben Moss a week or so later, another saleswoman told us that the re-sizing was limited to 2 sizes and berated us about it for several minutes. In the end, she agreed to waive the special order fee, but I'm curious to find out which salesperson was lying to me, as the second saleswoman didn't seem all that okay with selling an engagement ring to two women in the first place.
  • I had been happy with them, because they were the only jeweler that didn't try to make me change my mind about not buying a diamond engagement ring. My problem was really with the specific saleswoman, other than that, my experience with them has been fantastic.
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