How did you involve others in the planning?

My mom confessed to me the other day that she thought she'd be more involved in the wedding planning and preparation. The thing is, I don't know how to involve others more. FI and I have been taking care of things on our own because we enjoy it. My mom went gown shopping with me, and is making us a guestbook-quilt, I thought that was a pretty big job! I'm going to bring her with me to see the florist, and will likely ask her and FMIL to help with addressing and stuffing the invites. Other than that... I don't know how else to "include" them.

Is anybody else facing this dilema?
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Re: How did you involve others in the planning?

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    lalap69lalap69 member
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    No, FI and I are pretty much planning things on our own.  Honestly, I prefer it that way.  Too many opinions would just complicate things.

    Ask your mom what else she wants to do.
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    LittlinLittlin member
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    My mom felt this way - she had an engagement party for us, she gathered addresses and contact info, and she went gown shopping with me, and that was it for about six months.  She really wanted more involvement.

    Closer to the date I then asked her to come to a wedding show with me, to help stuff invitations, she helped me assemble the favours (which would have taken forever without her), she went to the florist with me a few times, both sets of parents did the menu tasting with us, booked the brunch for the following day, and really helped keep everything smooth of the day of.  DH's mom made us a photo guestbook, as well as made up gift bags for our overnight guests at the hotel.

    I'm very organized and a bit controlling, so it was hard for me to really delegate well, but I tried to involve her with as many decisions as possible to make up for that!
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    FI and I are doing most of the planning ourselves as well.  My mom lives 1.5 hours away, so it is hard for her to help out.
    I think the florist and the invites is a good step. Planing comes in phases. I'm sure closer to the day there will be more and more that you'll want help with.
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    PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    We're doing a lot of the planning but I always make sure to update mom.  I want her to feel included.  I ask her opinions on things FI and I have discussed, as well.  I know closer to the date she'll help with invites, she's apparently planning a shower and I've got her on the hunt for addresses.  My best advice is just to keep her in the loop and ask her opinions on things, that will make her feel included and it'll give you another opinion on your planning:)

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    onetieronetier member
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    My mom gave me the same guilt speech.  It didn't work.

    I'm a planner and it was my day and I planned everything myself.  I put her in charge of her own outfit, my brother's outfit and my sister's outfit.  She was also in charge of having the house ready for photographs and the food that she wanted to have at the house.

    She was also in charge of the shower.

    My mom and I just had different opinions about everything and I was getting completely stressed out with her trying to push her ideas on to me for the wedding.  I gave in with the shower and truly, did not really like my shower, but it made her happy, so that was the compromise.
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