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Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is having fun planning their weddings. I have a question for those who have used Irresistible Cakes in Woodbridge, ON for their wedding cake. I can't seem to get a hold of anyone at the store. I've tried calling several times, at different times and on different days.  I have even sent them an email. Has anyone else had the same problem? Their website doesn't even list their store hours so I don't even know if I could drive by after work one day.

It's just frustrating because I'm ready to have my cake tasting and order my wedding cake.


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    Hmm... I had a tasting with them and I don't recall having that problem at all. I called them on a weekday during the day and had no problem getting a tasting for the following Saturday. Maybe try leaving them a message with the date and time that you want to come by, and a contact number to reach you?

    I didn't really like their cakes, TBH.
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    I didn't use them myself, but I have a few friends that tried them out or used them - their opinions were split.
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    I find them to be a little to pricey.
    I went with Ever After Cake. They came to my house and had a consult.
    MY cake is $270 and that feeds 80 people.

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    Jennifer, that is a really good price for a wedding cake (imho). Tell me about your tasting with Ever After, what flavours did you go for, etc.?

    We are close to going to the cake tasting part of our wedding planning and I'm scared that a lot of the places I like will be exorbitant in price. BTW - I really love cake.
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