Atlantic Canada: renting speakers/sound equiipment?

Hi girls,

I'm planning for a September wedding in Bridgewater, NS and I'm having some problems finding a place that will rent us some sound equipment.  We'd like to do our own music on our laptop, but it seems like everywhere I contact they insist on DJ-ing which is not really what I'm interested in.  Does anyone know where I can rent some speakers that don't come with a chaperone?  Any similar experiences or recommendations?

Thanks so much!

Re: Atlantic Canada: renting speakers/sound equiipment?

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    I live/work in Halifax and I know when we rent equiptment we get it from Tour Tech East (that's a link) or MacFarlands (also a link)  Good luck!

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    Thank you!  That helps a lot!  Especially since we might need to rent some other things from McFarlands...

    Thanks again!
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