ever been to Burwash hall at victoria College at U of T

Anyone been to a wedding at Burwash hall at Vic College at U of T? I am an alumni and I love the idea of getting married at our alma mater, but when we used to eat there, the food was very mediocre.  I think the food would be better for a wedding, but my fiance isnt so sure.

has anyone been there for any special event or wedding? or know someone who went there to eat?


Re: ever been to Burwash hall at victoria College at U of T

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    Are you set on the idea of Burwash Hall? I went to a wedding at Hart House, and the food there was great, and I think they also cater? It's worth looking into, and you can always do a tasting, right? The coordinator there was nice when I called...turned out the space was too small for our wedding, but the one I went to was lovely.
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    We almost chose Burwash as our reception venue, but FH couldn't convince me it was right for our celebration.

    Also it is too large for our crowd of 120 as you can't move or remove any of the big tables. I think it is a space best filled with 200+ people.

    The hall is really beautiful and unique and I understand your emotional interest. I would get a tasting before committing, even if you have to pay for it, and don't go visit right after lunch because it will smell of mushy vegetables!!

    Fh and I will be doing our pre-ceremony photo shoot on campus and I hope to find a special place there to see each other for the "first" time.

    They also have a chapel you can have your ceremony in.

    Good luck!
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    I haven't been to Burwash Hall but have also been to a wedding at Hart House - it was lovely.
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