planning my wedding in cape breton from alberta!!!! need help and advice!!!

if anyone from cape breton could help me with an idea on a place we could hold it, we want on outside wedding that could accomodate about 65 people...cottages?? on the water??? we want to have our own lobster boil and have our own alcohol. please help its so hard to plan from so far away!!!

Re: planning my wedding in cape breton from alberta!!!! need help and advice!!!

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    Where in Cape Breton are you planning on having it?  I live on the Mainland (Halifax) but I know some great spots in CB.  Why CB?  Family? Or just because? Time of year?

    Feel free to PM me and I can see if I can help:)

    Or just page me on the NEY board:)

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    Hi there! I love your knottie name--I am a Tommy girl of sorts (my husband is Tom). I was married in Cape Breton last year, so maybe I could help. If you haven't picked out a specific place, the Dundee Resort in Richmond County would be a place to consider. They are on the Bras d'Or Lakes, beautiful spot for an outdoor wedding. They do a great job on catering, have lots of accommodations (cabins and resort rooms), a golf course, restaurant, etc. If you want some names of photographers, caterers, limos, decor,florists, etc. once you have a venue, please feel free to ask away, as it's all fresh in my mind and I had an absolute ball planning our day. The Ingonish Resort is another option, but difficult to get some services because of its remote location. There are lots of great options in Baddeck, which is probably the prettiest little town I know and also on the Bras d'Or Lakes. By the way, we were married in my hometown of River Bourgeios which is about a 20 minute drive from the resort. Best of luck!
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