Hi there ladies (and gentlemen). I just decided to pop on over to this board and say hi, see if there's anybody around my neck of the woods.
My name is Melody, FI is Gaetan. We've been together for 4 1/2 years and we're getting married on our 5 year anniversary. We're living near Moncton, New brunswick.
I'm usually over on the September boards but I figured it would be nice to chat with other Canadian ladies sometimes!
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Re: Hello!

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    LittlinLittlin member
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    Hello and welcome!  There are definitely some east coast brides on this board!
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    ring_popring_pop member
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    Hi and welcome! I'm in Toronto but echoing Littlin, I know that there are a couple of east-coasters on the board!
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    PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    Hey!!!! Another Atlantic Canadian! Wo0!! Welcome to the board!

    I'm in Halifax, NS and NEY. Welcome!

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