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Hi All!  I'm getting married in Montreal at the end of June this year, and since Mtl doesn't have its own board I thought I would try posting here.  We have a venue, but I'm looking for catering, a cake, possibly flowers, linens, things like that.  Does anyone have suggestions?  I have a list of caterers from my venue, but I'm not really familiar with any of them, so thought I'd see if anyone had firsthand suggestions.  I also emailed two bakeries about a cake quote and neither has responded.  One was Sugar Rush cakes and the other was Tillemont Patisserie.  I'll probably end up calling, but thought I'd check with you all first.  Any help or ideas you have are greatly appreciated!  Thank you!
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Re: Montreal cakes and other things...

  • Yuki (Sherbrooke and Northcliffe) is AMAZING for cakes. My university grad cake came from there and was totally delicious (lemon and raspberry... yum!). Their decorating is stunning, and they are very friendly. 

    I just chose my venue! The Royal Military College in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. I have family out that way, and it is very reasonably priced. The Salon Richelieu is sooo beautiful! Cannot wait... 

    My cousin, who is a florist, has offered to help with the flowers, but she's in Saint Jean as well, so that won't be much help to you. I imagine they are pricey, but Pinkerton's (NDG) did a really beautiful bouquet for a concert I sang recently. 

  • Thanks for the suggestions.  I will look into that place for cakes, and keep on searching for the other stuff.  I have one friend who said that pretty much any bakery in Montreal would make a good cake, so that's encouraging.
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  • I'm also having a Montreal wedding :) We're going to have the reception at Buffet Roma in St-Leonard (a friend of his family owns the place so it's where all his cousins have had their receptions). I've been there for a couple of events and the food is phenomenal (but you do pay for it).
    Flowers: we're going with Edgewood in CSL. Brenda was really wonderful at getting an idea of what we wanted and was able to work well within our budget.
    We're still completely lost for a DJ though. There's just so much choice and unless you've been to a wedding where they mc-ed it's hard to tell whether they're the right choice (it doesn't help that the price varies sooo much).
    The thing I'm finding most frustrating is how few vendor ratings I can find!
  • I need help finding a photographer that doesn't cost an arm and a leg... Everyone is quoting me RIDICULOUS prices... I simply cannot afford $2500-$4000 for photography. And all I want is the photography service and a CD with the edited digital photos. I will do my own album! I don't need or want a $500 canvas, leather-bound album or whatever it is they want to do! 

  • Hello fellow Montréal brides! Here's a tip if you're looking for musicians for your ceremony or cocktail hour : the music students from Université de Montréal have a professional association for outside contracts and they're very good! My fiancé and I are getting married in February 2013 booked a trio and we're very excited about it!
    If you're looking for a different kind of desser, Itsy Bitsy is making delicious cupcakes and they're absolutely gorgeous. One of my college friends had their cupcakes instead of a cake for her wedding last summer and it was a huge hit!
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