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I am still in the initial planning stages for our wedding. We have a date, venue, and photographer picked out, and now I am looking for colours. I absolutely ADORE the eggplant purple/chartreuse green combination but I have a dillemma.

I will be wearing a traditional south asian dress, which will most likely be dark red/maroon. Since I am wearing that colour I am worried that I will clash with the purple/green combo, but then I am worried that if I go red/green it's going to look too much like Christmas.

I tried changing the colours to something else, but I just love the combination so much that I can't seem to get anything else out of my head! thoughts?

P.S. My venue is Palais Royale, so if you can think of some neat ideas for the ceremony (on the deck), or the main ballroom, then I would be happy to hear them! Thank you.

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    I think the eggplant/chartreuse combo is very close to maroon/chartreuse. It will definitely not look Christmas-y, unless it was a bright red and forest green. However - I don't think your colour scheme needs to match your dress. It don't think the dress clashes either.

    I say go for the purple/chartreuse, it's an awesome combo.
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    Play around with this site to get a feel for how colours look together.  I put in what I see as "eggplant", "chartreuse", and "maroon".  The more of a colour you put in, the more it emphasizes it in the pictures it shows you.

    I think the combo works fine!  Maybe steer towards the eggplant as the main colour, then the chartreuse as more of an accent?

    Check out ring_pop's bio, she used similar colours.
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  • ring_popring_pop member
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    It will work!

    Check out this pic of my BP... mainly eggplant & chartreuse, but the FGs have fuschia flowers as an accent. I know the fuschia is more purple-y than the red dress you'll probably wear, but I think it would work great if you keep the red dress more on the maroon-ish side, rather than a fire-orange-red.

    There's also a pic in my bio of my MIL wearing a red lengha, but it might not be that helpful since it doesn't show her against the BP colours.

    The other thing is that the red dress is kind of like the white wedding dress... it doesn't matter if it's in your colour scheme, because you're the bride!
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    Thanks guys!! I will definitely look into this a little bit more. Raynes, thanks for the website suggestion!
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