GTKY Monday

Happy Holidays everyone!

1. Any family stories or fun you want to share?
2. Any gifts you were really excited to get?

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    Funny stories...I am sure there are some. My niece who is 2.5 was very entertaining but I cannot remember specifics.

    Favourite gifts....was that I got the sangria (or other drinks but mostly I will have sangria) dispenser that is in my siggy and an ereader!!  

    A great Christmas! So happy to be home with my family! 
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    Haha..lots of stories..but I'd love to post one of my fave gifts!

    My mom and dad got them for me for the wedding!! I love them!

    She ordered them off if anyone is interested in them, I LOVE a lot of the jewelry on that site!
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    1. Any family stories or fun you want to share?
    We did a chinese gift exchange with FI's cousins. Played tons of card games that got a little heated but always fun.
    2. Any gifts you were really excited to get?
    I got a Lulu sweater from FI's mom. An awesome dress/shirt/skirt made of silk from my mom that ties 15 different ways for the honeymoon.
    I also got 6 books :D And a bunch of gift cards to Chapters.

    Sadly I had the flu for Christmas day, so I'm still discovering what I got for christmas while we unpack from the holiday.
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    I got Paderno cutlery.  *squeeeeeeeee*

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