Rich Groom Poor Groom?

I saw bits and pieces of an episode on Slice last night. The premise is that if the bride gives up planning control to the groom (with a wedding planner), they get $5,000 to boost their wedding budget. Otherwise the format of the show is similar to RBPB. Except for the male narrator LOL.

Anyone seen this yet? Any thoughts?

My thoughts...
- I thought long and hard about it, and I'd have a VERY hard time letting DH plan our whole wedding! Even with a wedding planner...
- On the other hand, it was strange how they made it look like the bride wanted everything opposite of what the groom chose but she just loooooved it all in the end. Seems pretty staged to me. I mean, it's not like she wouldn't be feeding him tips in private when the cameras weren't rolling, right?

No real point to this post. Just thought I'd start a discussion since it's been so quiet here lately! Would you let your groom plan for $5,000?
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Re: Rich Groom Poor Groom?

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    Yeah I think I would.

    He's already made some major decisions as far as wedding planning goes.  The type of wedding, the date, he chose his own tuxes and groomsmen tuxes....

    He agrees with our wedding colours, I dunno - I just don't see him screwing up anything that bad.  I just don't think he'd be interested in doing it  - even for 5k.  lol
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    I saw it was on, and flipped to it for a second, but it seemed exactly the same as RBPB so I stopped watching.  Thanks, Ringy, for giving me the summary.  

    There are some FI's out there who would do a great job planning a wedding, but my DH is probably not one of them.  He supported me completely but didn't really care at all about the decor, flowers, etc.  He would be miserable planning on his own I think!  All he wanted was a good band and good food, and that's where he helped a lot.  I'm sure with a planner, however, he would have made it look nice.
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    I didn't watch the entire episode, but flipped back and forth. I'm too much of a control freak to do this - even for the $5000. I especially had a hard time with the groom picking out the bride's dress!
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    I LOVE my FI but I will never agree to let him plan our entire wedding, even for a$5000 budgter booster. No way!
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    I am a control freak when it comes to planning of any kind (otherwise he has lots of say no matter what we do) i would have to say no even though i would love $5000
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    Um no.  I love FI but planning is not one of his strong suits.  There is no way I would let him plan the wedding.
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    one of my co-workers has a husband who is a photographer...he recently photographed a wedding that was on a show similar to RBPB...something about the mothers' of the bride. It's completely set up...all those shows are. 
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