With or without guests?

I am planning a wedding, and I think I dont want anyone there but me and my groom and do a party after the wedding...
What would your suggestions be?
We are thinking of going to vegas just us, and then when we get back we dont know how to handle the party. DO you invite friends and family regardless of their location even though they are missing the main event which will be weeks before the party?
has anyopne ever done just a wedding with them and their groom ?

any suggestions?

Re: With or without guests?

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    This is common with destination weddings - small group go away, have a party upon your return.  It's fine if you just want it to be the two of you, but ensure to consider family (parents, siblings) that will want to celebrate with you, and if they would be hurt to not be included.

    In terms of OOT guests, you can still invite them, though its possible that less will attend for a reception compared to a full wedding.  Although, I'm sure if your parents threw an anniversary party or some other fun party, OOT guests would want to come.  Talk to family and friends and get there input - it's very dependent on you and your guests.

    Hope that helps!
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    a girl I know did this.  She and her husband went to Hawai and got married on a cliff with 2 friends and nobody else.
    then they came back and had a party.  It was very relaxed. 
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    My FI's brother did this.
    They went to Vegas (immediate family ended up going as a surprise to him, courtesy of his bride as a gift to him)
    They came back and did a big party with all the friends/family.
    It was very relaxed and a lot of fun.
    Not my cup of tea, but all the same, it worked out really nicely for them.
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    A couple of friends did this as well.

    One couple went to Cuba with a group of guests and had a relaxed BBQ pot luck style event in a backyard with some games (horseshoes, washers...) and a fire at night a couple of months after they returned.

    Another friend went to Vegas and had a reception after where she wore her dress, rented a hall/DJ but no meal.
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