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Today is Tuesday, and he proposed this past Friday.  I feel like I'm jumping in too fast with starting to plan already, but we want to get married in spring (I'm hoping for April).  

So, here I start. I've been googling ideas all day, I've got a thousand things in my head, and I'm trying to sort it out.  

I have a folder in my bookmarks specifically to remember ideas online that I liked.  I have two notebooks I've started making notes in, plus a file on my computer for other random things.  

Needless to say, I seem to be all over the place.  I'm really hoping that this website helps me.  

Tomorrow I plan to lock down a date, a ceremony location, the pastor, and hopefully the caterer... Pray for me!

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    Wow you are ambitious!  Well first off, congratuations!  Where are you from in Canada?  There are lots of brides willing to help you with ideas if you tell us your location.  We have a lot of recommended vendors to share.  Date and location is crucial, if you can do that, you can pull it all together, but it will be a busy few months!  Good luck! :)
  • Take a deep breath and relax.  It can be done.

    First of all you need a preliminary guest list.  If you don't know how many people will be attending, your caterer won't be able to give you a good estimate.  You also need to know this for space issue at your venues but most importantly, you need to know this for your budget which brings me to point 2

    Establish your budget!!!  This is the single most important thing you should be doing right now.  How much money can you spend, where are you going to spend it and how will you fraction it. might need to get something off the rack.  Most stores need between 6-9 months to order a dress so you're already late for that if you're looking at April.

    Venues: Lots of places (and vendors) might already be booked depending on your area.  You might not get first pick for what you want.  Are you willing to settle?

    Good luck with everything!

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  • Congratulations!!!
    I just got engaged on Boxing Day and I am like jumping into the planning right away. We are planning a wedding in about 2 years because i am still in school and he wants to finish school and get his degree etc...

    So far we have figured out the season and the color scheme of the wedding,....I want to get everything done now but I know we have a long way to go so I am trying to stretch it out as much as possible so I know how you are feeling. Its a good feeling dont get me wrong its a fun experience
  • Congrats!!!! I really havent started too much planning yet but my advice to you would be to stay calm and organized. :)

    Good Luck!

  • Congratulations, for me, when i get engaged, the first thing will be a book organizing all the things, like the anti-bride wedding planner lol. It's a big project & over thinking averything will just confuse you more. take a breath & sit down & talk things through
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