Any Newfie Knotties out there?

So I'm from Newfoundland, living in Nova Scotia right now, and FH and I are planning on getting married down home (My family and his family are both from NL, so it has sentimental vaue for us).

Thing is, we want to have our wedding ceremony outside on one of the beaches in my hometown- but anyone who knows Newfoundland knows that our weather can be ridiculously unpredictable, especially during hurricane season (where I'm from got hit really hard during Hurricane Igor). So we're kind of thinking it might be a good idea to have a back-up venue just in case the weather sucks.

The two most viable places to have the wedding ceremony would be the Church I was baptised in (which I think would still be problematic, because that would require a Catholic officiant and FH is non-Catholic), and the hotel where we will be having the reception, and I'm not even sure that they'd be able to accomodate the ceremony. 

Oh the joys of being from the Rock!!

Re: Any Newfie Knotties out there?

  • I would look into the whole Catholic ceremony.  Last I heard, the catholic church will officiate a wedding as long as the Bride OR the groom is catholic, however the person who isn't needs to take some sort of classes.  If you have your heart set on your church you should contact the priest and find out what needs to be done in order to have your ceremony there.  Just a thought.
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  • My cousin got married outside last July at Glendenning Golf Course in St John's and as a backup that morning, the coordinator there at 10 Am was going to make the call as to whether to move it indoors or outdoors.  Luckily it was probably the only nice day we had last summer...haha.  Truth.  Still windy though.  Make sure the girls hold onto their dresses!

    I know lots of people who got married in St Johns where 1 person was Catholic and the other wasn't.  There was no issue.  You have to do your marriage course anyhow (at least in the mtero area you do, there is no getting out of that) but no extra classes for the non-catholic
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  • You girls still around???

    We're planning an outdoor wedding next summer - I guess having an actual summer this year is making us optimistic!!!

    The Catholic thing ... you have to take the classes (*yawn) and the difference is that the ceremony doesn't have a full mass (no communion). Happens all the time.

    I'm in Labrador now, and there are no places to try dresses! That's my current battle - what to do about that. It doesn't look like I will be traveling anytime soon either, so that's out. I may have to buy something online without trying it.

    How is everyone finding planning things from a distance?
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