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Christian Weddings

Official Intorduction.

I don't know if there is a way of officially joining this group, if there is, then please show me how. But anyway I have participated in a few discussions but has not introduced myself  yet. My name is Brightina and my fiance's name is Drew. We are both christians and we're getting married  on May 05,2012. We both live in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, (many might not know where that is), but I am excited to be  a part of this group and have enjoyed the support that is always provided. So I hope this gives me an official membership.

Re: Official Intorduction.

  • Welcome! We're glad to have you. :)
  • Welcome Brightina and Congrats!! Tell us a bit about your wedding! 

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  • Welcome to the board!!
  • Hi!  There's no offical joining of the group, just hop right into conversations!  We would like to hear about your wedding plans though. :) And we like pictures.
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  • Hi Brightina! I live in Edmonton, too! And I'm guessing you're Filipina, from your user name? What church do you attend? There is a local board for Alberta brides, but it's pretty slow. :)
  • Like Jenn said, there is no official membership.  I always love when newer posters join into conversations!  Welcome and we look forward to getting to know you better.

    By the way, I know where Edmonton is.  You are blessed to be so close to the Canadian Rockies - one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited!!
  • Just wanted to say welcome! Glad to have you!!
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  • Welcome!! I agree with the post about us loving pictures!! What have you got planned so far for your wedding?
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  • Hi Ladies,
    Merry Christmas!
    Christmas has  made me a  little  busy this weekend but anyway, thank-you for the welcomes.
    Well I am African precisely Ghanaian and my FI  is Canadian.
    Our wedding theme is reflecting my Ghanaian culture.
    So traditionally we have a Cultural wedding and a Western/Church wedding if you're christian.
    May 04:  is our Cultural Ghanaian wedding (it's basically a very short ceremony with some eating and dancing)
    May 05:  is our Western Christian wedding (basically a ceremony followed by a reception).
    I've got 5 bridesmaids and 6 groomsmen.
    My colours are Blue, Burgundy silver and white.
    My bridemaids are wearing a traditional Ghanaian woven material which has (burgundy and  blue)  top with a long satin skirt, it looks like a dress worn together.
    And  the guys are wearing a vest made from the same hand-woven material with a blue neck-tie with white shirts (have not decided on pant colors or wheteher or not they'll wearing  a suit or tux).
    I am using artificial flowers and I made all the  bouquets, the bouts and corsages already.
    We haven't found a church yet but we've got a couple of back-up plans.
    We booked a venue for the reception and it's a beautiful banquet facility with beautiful decor here in Edmonton.
    So far most of the planning is well  underway, we're just working on paying for everything before the end of April.
    My FMIL is helping me with the planning and organizing and we put together a timeline of everything that has to be done before the beginning of  May.
    My main worry is that we get our pre-marital counselling done, I got some material that we'll start going through and we'll do in person with the Evangelist at his church as well.

    So about the pictures we dont have our engagement shots yet because I don't have my engagement ring yet only a promise ring (Frown.
    But i'll try to put some of our photos  up very soon.

    I am happy to be a part of this group and I can't wait to be a wife.
  • Sounds absolutely beautiful!!  Welcome!!

    We can't wait for pictures!!
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