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I love surprises!

Some of you already know this from fb, but...I was supposed to meet my aunt for dinner tonight, and my brother texted me when I was on my way saying he and his gf would be joining us.  No big deal.  My brother gave me a birthday card, which I thought was a little odd since my birthday isn't until Monday, and I'll be home all week for Spring Break.  He was about to hand me the bag when he "realized" he left part of the gift in his car.  So, I sat there talking with his gf (also named Emily) when I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I thought it was my aunt, but when I turned...

The church ladies in Kansas decided that Fletcher needed to see me before I go out there in May, so they flew him in for my birthday.  Dad picked him up at the airport, took him to get the flowers, and then they all left so we could have date night.  He has to fly out at 10:30 Sunday morning, but we have all day tomorrow...and apparently his parents are driving in from Maryland in the morning to see him and have dinner with my family.  He's in the guestroom right now.  FI is in my house...not in Kansas...I still can't believe it. 

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