So busy! PIP

I have been swamped lately! As is gets closer to your wedding everyone else starts to panic becuase they have been slacking on whatever duties or detils you have told them to do months ago:)

 CHECK: I had my first shower down at my FIL's but thrown by family friends. It was about 15 women mainly related or long time friends of FI's family. Everyone was so generous. My hostesses really out did themselves. They made very elegrant centerpieces, fed us made to order cobb salads and bread, they even rented colored table clothes that match out colors and chargers. I can't wait to get the pictures to share with you! Everyone loved my shower dress too! Now I need to get on to those thank yous!

We also received some amazing items off our registry. Honestly, I am happy with what we got an don't need anymore. We got our coffee pot that has a built in grinder, a set of 2 hotel collection bath towels, sheets, a full set of calphlon cooking pans plus a dutch oven (FI's Aunt brought us these and even upgraded us up from their bottom line that we had registered for. She also convinced them to take the other ones off the regisrty. We were thrilled:). FI's mom got us our blender/ food processor. I love all the upgrading!

CHECK: I had my final dress fitting:) and also :(. Everything is great but that is pretty much the last time I am going to see it before the wedding. Also, Darcy told me that she is booked until July 23-she can not take any more jobs. So crazy, one of my BM was too late to go to her, so she has to find someone else.

GOOD NEWS: My mom attended my shower and enjoyed it! She also gave me some money instead of gifts. She asked if she could come up and help do wedding stuff. This is huge since she hasn't really been envolved in the past 2 years of wedding planning and that was her first and only financial contribution.

BAD NEWS: There has been some BM drama. Pretty much no one was really planning or communicating and so some people felt left out. I told them I want them to start talking and stop asking me about their hair and shoes, ect. I don,t give a crap any more, not like I did the first time I told them 9 months ago:) Yes, ladies this weill happen when you don't care anymore, I promise!!! I hope we are over all of the drama!

WHAT"S NEXT: Now on to planning the ceremony. My pastor is doing our wedding for free and he is super busy so I am pretty much in charge of narrowing it down and then I am going to give FI options. He is overwhelmed with finishing his thesis and starting his new engineering job:) Wish me luck!

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    Your dress looks stunning!  Congrats on the shower!
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    that dress is so perfect for you!!! i love it!
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    cant wait to see pix of your shower.  It sounds like you had a blast..Also good to hear that your mom is getting more involved.  esp hearing all the drama surrounding family members on this board, its so nice when u hear good stories like this..

    good luck on figuring out ceremony. My friend who is officiating wrote out a three page outline with notes following our afternoon of discussing it. I took that and sat down with FI to discuss changes. It went by really quick and it was probably my favorite aspect of wedding planning with him.  Though yours is super swamped, i would say to definately try to get him involved in this aspect if nothing else from here on out.
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    Your shower sounds like it was a good time and gotta love those aunts who feel you disserve better than what you are willing to ask for! :)

    Your dress fits you like a glove and looks amazing!!
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