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The Nest and a Christian board

Does anyone here ever go to the Nest? I like going there since I'm married now, but there is no Christian board. However, every time a Christian comment is made, that person gets blasted. 

This may not be the best place to come to vent, but I feel that the Nest is a bit more relevant to the issues that I face now that I'm married. I really wish there was a place there that Christians could talk together without so much persecution. I thought you guys might understand.

Re: The Nest and a Christian board

  • I haven't been over there in months.  I mostly lurked on the money matters board to learn more about budgeting and on fashion and beauty for a while.  I wouldn't say I saw persecution, though tithing was sometimes a sticking point in budgeting when people were REALLY struggling.
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    I mostly go Married Life and Relationships. It may not be as bad on the other boards, but those are pretty bad. I posted a link below where someone told others about a Christian blog. Take a look at the comments that followed. That's pretty much the norm on those boards. 

    And I'm not saying this to stir up trouble or anything like that. In a way, I suppose I just need to vent. Maybe I need to know that I'm not the only one who feels this way. And it would be nice if there was a Christian board there, too. I have no idea how you for ask boards to be created.

  • I went on The Nest the first couple of months that I was married and have not gone on since. Generally speaking and depending on the board you go on, I find some people's comments  worse than what you would find on The Knot and they call themselves "brutally honest". Either you agree with them or you're against them. I agree that a Christian Nest board would be nice.
  • I think there was a petition for a Christian board on TN but it never went anywhere (IDK why).  

    OP did you try googling Christian women boards?  I am sure there is a ton of the out there on the internet.  
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  • I don't think I've ever posted on TN.  Honestly, I stick to Christian Family Planning now.  We talk about everything over there.
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    [QUOTE]I think there was a petition for a Christian board on TN but it never went anywhere (IDK why).   OP did you try googling Christian women boards?  I am sure there is a ton of the out there on the internet.   
    Posted by ravenray[/QUOTE]

    <div>It takes me a while to trust a site so I haven't tried that. Maybe I should, though. Thank you.</div>
  • I agree with Stage, although I hadn't been able to put it into words myself.  I'd come across the blog before, and while it made me think, which is always good, it didn't feel quite right to me either.  Oversimplied feels like the right word - thanks, Stage.  It's not a good fit for some of us.

    Anyway, there are quite a few of us married ladies over here.  Even those who are not are in relationships.  :)
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  • I didn't post the blog. I appreciated her posting it, but I didn't agree with some of it either.

    However, the posts that followed were completely uncalled for and unfair. In my opinion, it's harassment, which is the definition of persecution. Every single post that I have ever read on either of those boards where any Christian comment is made, that person's beliefs and/or mental capacities are labeled as ridiculous. The post that I linked was just the specific example that I linked because he was especially bad (and he normally is). 

    I'm sorry if I offended you by using that word. It's not torture as some Christians are unfortunately subjected to, but it's still persecution - "unfair treatment because of someone's beliefs."
  • I don't think anyone on here has been offended.  On the Nest, that could be a different story.  Ladies over there always seemed to claim to be offended by something or another.  (not necessarily in that thread, I don't remember.  I just mean in general.)

    I think people of most faiths are criticized in ways analogous to how Christians are sometimes treated.  However, Stage is right that in the US we're fairly fortunate as Christians.  In the fall a Sikh house of worship was physically attacked.  Men wearing head coverings traditional for their faiths may be suspected of being terrorists.  However, that's not to say those ladies wouldn't have writen similar posts in response to those other faiths.  We don't know. 
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