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Hello ladies
For those doing scripture readings, are you going to have seperate readings by seperate people or is your offficiate going to do all the readings?

I am planning on having 2 of the kids in my wedding do the readings, I just really want the kids in my family involved in the wedding and I thought it would be a great thing to have them do.
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Re: Scrpiture readings

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    My SIL's wedding had her pastor do all of the talking including the scripture readings.  I personally think that if another person was to do a scripture reading, I would ask another pastor at the church or a Deacon/Elder/Church leader.  I know many on TK say "ask someone special to you" if they aren't part of the WP, but me personally, being a little more traditional, I want to leave that aspect of the religious ceremony to church leaders.  To each their own! 
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    It's up to you! Like Kelly said, some people prefer to leave those things to pastors, etc. We are having ours read by my fiance's aunt, who is active in her church, but doesn't live near us. It's up to you. As long as it's glorifying God, it's all good! 
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    Ours are built into the sermon, so the pastor (FI's dad) is reading them.
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    Yes it really depends. We have a couple options. The pastor (a friend of mine) will obviously be reading some scripture. However if we end up getting married in the church (there are some logistics that need to get worked out) we have to use the pastor there, so we may ask my pastor friend to do a reading still. FI had also mentioned a good friend of ours and one of his GM to do the scripture reading. So we have several options that still need to be worked out. It really is however you want to do it! :)
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    We got married in an independent chapel so there were no requirements for us.  DH's former pastor was our officiant.  We had two scripture readings and she (our officiant) did not read either one.  My sister is an ordained pastor and she read one of them.  (I didn't choose her because she was ordained but she is a very gifted speaker/teacher and she did a 5-minute homily after reading the scripture.)  The other scripture was read by a family friend.  He also happens to be a pastor, but again, that was not why he was chosen.  His father was like a grandfather to me and their family is very special to our family.  Since his dad could not attend the wedding, I asked him to read.

    I think it is really up to your preference as long as there are no requirements by the church or pastor that is marrying you.  If you ask children to read, make sure that they have opportunities to practice in front of people.  If they are shy at all, they may feel uncomfortable getting up in front of everyone to read.
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    I think having children read is very sweet! We are having our officiant read our scriptures, though he told us that we could have a reader like a friend read if we wanted to. It just depends on the way your pastor does things I suppose!
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    We are having one of my cousins do a reading as well as one of my FI's really close friends. Neither of these people are in our wedding party and we wanted them to have some part in the wedding so we thought having them do a scripture reading would be a good idea to allow them to be involved in some way. I personally don't see any reason why a pastor would need to do the readings. I think your idea of having kids do it would be really sweet. :)

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    I think that is a great touch! We are having two readings (one poem, one scripture). One will be done by FI's cousin and the other by mine.
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