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My Turn To Ask For Prayer

CN - I applied for a job, didn't get it and now I am just so depressed about what is happening now with the job.  I need prayers.

I have worked for the same company for over 17 years.  In a prior position there I was responsible for managing a certain type of project and about 4 months ago several people (including my last two managers) told me that they had decided to hire someone full time to do that and how I would be perfect for it (blah blah).  I wouldn't have thought to apply for a different position but since they had encouraged me to apply, I did.  My former managers thought so well of me and always rated me really well (performance wise) and with my experience, I felt I had a really good chance for the job.  I didn't hear anything for 3 months and finally got an email last week that I didn't get a second interview.  

I thought I would be fine with this.  Although I felt that I was well qualified, I wasn't sure I wanted to switch positions and I was trusting God that this was best for me.  And I was pretty fine last week.

Then this week I found out that someone less qualified and less tenured than me had been asked to apply for the position.  When I told one of my co-workers that I didn't get the position and that someone else had been asked to apply, she confessed that she had also been asked to apply and although she didn't feel that she was at all qualified, she applied to spite our boss.

I have been so depressed about it yesterday and today.   I've been really questioning why I'm working there and I am very hurt by this whole situation.  Please pray for me to get out of this funk.  Thanks ladies!

Re: My Turn To Ask For Prayer

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    I am so sorry. I have certainly not been in the work force as long as you - but I hate how politics work and how some people are favored over others. I will definitely pray that you be encouraged in all of this! I'm sure you know already - but God had a specific reason that he allowed you to not get a second interview at that new place.
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    Praying for you!!! I know what you mean about the qualification thing. Been there and gone through that. It will be OK. Keep you head up and find reasons to be thankful to God each day. Even if you can't be thankful for the situation, you can be thankful that God ALWAYS has you in his sights.
    Sometimes, we don't know why things work out the way they do but as the bible says "all things work together for GOOD to those that love God".

    In my dad's favorite line, "it is well".

    Take care and HUGS!!!
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    I despise office politics and has cheated me out of at least 2 jobs so far in just the past few months. I know it is so frustrating, all the waiting, and then to be disappointed. I keep having to say to myself "That just isn't where God wanted me..." and my head knows it but heart still feels so disappointed. I've been there, and I"m praying for you!!
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    Wow, it's hard to imagine being in your shoes.  I've had my own share of job troubles, so I get part of it.  Having this idea that someone less qualified than you getting the job... that is a SHEER struggle with your self-esteem.  

    I'll pray for you and for you to regain some confidence at work!  Your employer won't know what they're missing as far as you being in the other position, and it could be that they are really impressed with what you're already doing and don't want change... but regardless of the reasons, you need some love!!  Love to you, and prayers too!!! 
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    I understand how you feel. There are a lot of job positions that I feel I am more than able to do but they go for someone else. Sometimes it is for good reasons; sometimes it is not.

    I will keep you in my prayers.
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    Thanks ladies.  I really appreciate the prayers and encouragement.  I have felt more at peace today even though I'm still hurt but I definitely feel the prayers.
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    I said a prayer for you. That new position just wasn't in God's plan for you. He has something awesome coming your way- be patient and trust in Him. Glad to hear that you are feeling more at peace today! 
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    I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm glad you're doing better.  You'll be in my prayers.
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