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NWR- Book suggestions

Hey ladies! So I got a Barnes and Noble gift card for Christmas (yippee!) and I want to use it to buy books to read for fun for once instead of my usual school books. I've noticed that we seem to have a lot of readers in this group and everyone seemed to have great suggestions in the past (can't find the posts though!). I was wondering if you ladies had any suggestions for me for a great book to read that you loved (Christian/spiritual or not). I'm open to anything! Thanks!!

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    What genre do you normally go for? 
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    If you love historical fiction, check out Francine Rivers' books.  I love ALL of them.
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    [QUOTE]What genre do you normally go for? 
    Posted by RebeccaJac[/QUOTE]

    Anything really. Lately it's been a lot of "real-life" stories or inspirational stories, etc. I would love to find a great women's devotional/bible study as well. But I like anything really.
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    I am liking the Hunger Games, but some of my previous favorites are The Kite Runner, To Kill a Mockingbird, One Hundred Years of Solitude.... hmm. A lot of my books are packed up! 

    Spiritual ones that I've liked is Good and Beautiful God, The Praying Life, Bondage Breaker.

    Hope you find something you like! 
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    I have to agree with the Hunger Games.  I read the whole trilogy twice in one week.  I think I'm obsessed, lol.
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    Please pick up a Sarah Dessen novel. I love her. :)
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    I adore Kristin Hannah's books, but my favorite of hers is Magic Hour.
    I also LOVE Lisa Samson; my favorite of hers is The Church Ladies.

    Books I've read recently and loved include 
    Best Kept Secret by Amy Hatvany
    Life from Scratch by Melissa Ford
    Flowers for Elvis by Julia Schuster
    Mudbound by Hillary Jordan
    Wishin' and Hopin' by Wally Lamb

    I aso really liked The Queen's Dollmaker and the whole "Girl Who..." series.
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    Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone!! I've been looking into them and some look amazing!! Can't wait to start reading :)
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    [QUOTE] The next book on my shelf to be read is <strong>Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo</strong> (it's the one where the little boy actually died and came back to life to tell about Heaven. True story).
    Posted by AshNoel8[/QUOTE]

    So ironic!! I actually ordered that book as I was looking around for choices. It looks amazing!
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    I'm a voracious reader and am blessed enough to review books for a few Christian publishers-- I actually went and for my New Year's "thing" signed up for a few more publishers, it's only been two before this.  It's so fun! I get books for free in exchange for reviewing them. If you type in "book reviews" on my blog you can read any of them.

    Aside from those, I also really love scifi, so I like Robert Jordan, Gayle Greeno, and others. I have recently been reviewing Amish fiction, which I find I like, especially Cindy Woodsmall. I've always like Regency romance/historical fiction.  As far as spiritual things, my favorite book of ALL TIME is God Calling. 

    I just got a Nook for Christmas so I've been diving into books. I downloaded a lot of George MacDonald (he's C.S Lewis's inspiration). 
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