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Feel like praying for a miracle?

A friend from college welcomed twins on March 31.  On April 6, the boy twin stopped breathing.  My friend and his wife administered CPR and the fire dept and police dept both came.  He was rushed to the hospital where they were able to stabilize him, but it's not good.  I won't go through all the details but at this point he's showing very little brain activity and parts of his brain are dead zones.  His brain stem is involved in the damage as well.

Obviously we'd all love a miracle for little Elliot, but even more important are prayers for his parents, Ben and Liz, as they deal with the possibility of having to make the decision to take their son off life support.  If you could keep Ben, Liz, Elliot and Vivian (his twin sister, who is 100% healthy and at home with mom and dad) in your prayers, they and I would appreciate it.

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